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Listen to Spotify without paying? So there’s the song selection

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Listen to Spotify without paying?  So there’s the song selection

There are a good number of solutions on the market that allow you to listen to music for free in streaming. However, the big music services rightfully put their catalog on a subscription basis, so you need to pay a certain amount to access them. Net of this, you may not know it, but Spotify also has free features.

Yes. you got it right: by subscribing to the service without paying anything, it is actually possible to access the free Spotify plan. As you may already know, from smartphones the latter is very limited: in fact, there is no possibility to choose the songs you want, except in specific areas such as some playlists created ad hoc for the user. Then there is a limited number of skips and in general Premium advertising is not slow to appear.

So what’s the point? One thing you may not know is that using Spotify from computer, for example through the appropriate app for Windows PC, the functions accessible through a common free account are expanded. In fact, contrary to what happens on mobile devices, in this case it is possible to access the discography of an artist, being able to select which song to play.

Right, however, there are limited features, like the download question, but it was worth highlighting this possibility, which not exactly everyone might know about. For the rest, if you want to unlock all the features, you may want to learn more about the Premium subscription directly through the official Spotify portal. In the latter we read that the Premium subscription allows you to listen to any song “even on a mobile device”.

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