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Logitech G Cloud comes pre-installed with the Xbox cloud gaming app –

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Logitech G Cloud comes pre-installed with the Xbox cloud gaming app –

Microsoft has already started working with Samsung, whose smart TVs come with the Xbox cloud gaming app pre-installed. As a result, Samsung TV users with a Game Pass Ultimate subscription can play almost the entire library without needing any console.

Now, another similar collaboration has been announced on Xbox Wire.when portable Logitech G Cloud(As the name suggests, it’s a dedicated cloud gaming device) When it launched on October 17, it also included Xbox cloud gaming as a pre-installed app.

Kathleen Gluck, VP of Cloud Gaming at Xbox, explained why they chose to partner with Logitech:

“Handheld devices are the natural next step in the evolution of our cloud gaming, and it’s great to see world-class hardware leaders like Logitech optimizing Xbox cloud gaming for their new devices. You can easily jump in wherever you are , and take advantage of a 16:9 full-screen display. With longer battery life, built-in Wi-Fi, and ergonomic controls, the Logitech G Cloud will allow you to progress in battles, or participate online when it’s most convenient multiplayer game.

In fact, it turns out that the Logitech G Cloud supports another really cool feature, as remote playback is also pinned to the device’s home page. This way, you can stream your entire Xbox library (without any Xbox cloud gaming restrictions) to anywhere in the world – as long as you have Wi-Fi.

One person who really likes the Logitech G Cloud is Xbox boss Phil Spencer.He tweeted that he had gotten his device and took it to Europe and the Tokyo Game Show, where he“Have a lot of fun, even on hotel wifi”. As you can see in the image below on the official Xbox Twitter, he also lent the device to a very well-known game developer who also seems to be impressed…. ..

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How interested are you in a dedicated cloud gaming unit that basically also dubs into a portable Xbox (as long as you have Wi-Fi)?

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