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Lords of the Fallen update 1.5 adds free content, new game mode, and more

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Lords of the Fallen update 1.5 adds free content, new game mode, and more

Lords of the Fallen Continues to Improve with Lords of Destiny Update

Lords of the Fallen, the soulslike game from Hexworks, has been making strides in improving its performance and overall player experience since late 2023. The latest update, Lords of Destiny, is the culmination of all the feedback collected from players over the past six months.

The Lords of Destiny update introduces an advanced game modifier system, which brings many new features to the game. Players can now enjoy enemy and loot randomization, a triathlon mode where it’s game over once you die, and various other changes to customize their gameplay experience.

This update marks the end of the free content roadmap that was outlined at launch and has already added significant performance, optimization, and stability improvements. The game has also undergone strict difficulty balancing, with reduced mob density and weakened ranged attacks. PvP and PvE game balance has been split, and online multiplayer enhancements have been made to improve matchmaking and connection stability.

Players can look forward to new quest lines such as Season of Desolation, Trial of the Three Spirits, and The Way of the Barrel, as well as new armor and weapon sets. Additional secret boss weapon abilities, improved boss encounters with new move sets and artificial intelligence, and 12 new spells are also part of the update. Each weapon family now has two unique terminators for one-handed and two-handed swings, and three new projectiles have been added.

Quality of life updates include inventory expansion, appearance reset, storage functionality, and gamepad rebinding. For more information on the Lords of Destiny update, be sure to check out the trailer and community post.

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Lords of the Fallen continues to evolve and improve, providing players with a better and more engaging experience.

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