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Lower Saxony wants to plant 5.5 million trees

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Lower Saxony wants to plant 5.5 million trees

In the coming months, 5.5 million trees are to be planted in the forests of Lower Saxony. By the end of April, the seedlings are to be planted, among other things, in open spaces that have been caused by bark beetle infestation and storm damage in recent years, as the Lower Saxony State Forests announced on Friday. In addition, coniferous forests in the lowlands with new deciduous trees are to be further developed into mixed forests that are more resilient to global warming.

Focus on reforestation and greentech

The conditions for the seedlings are good. “We got through the winter well, are happy about the wet weather and can fully concentrate on reforestation,” said State Forestry President Klaus Merker. Snow in the Upper Harz, which initially delayed the new planting somewhat, and rain would have thoroughly moistened the upper soil layers. These are the best starting conditions for the seedlings.

However: The deeper soil layers are still too dry – although there was an above-average amount of precipitation in January and February.

deeper soil layers are still too dry

The bark beetle infestation and the susceptibility of trees to falling over during storms are not least the consequences of drought and heat periods due to climate change. However, an intact forest has important functions, for example as a habitat for animals, a supplier of raw materials, a water filter and climate protection, Merker emphasized. He is therefore pleased that many citizens are taking part in planting campaigns.

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