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MakerArt, Quayola’s digital paintings

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MakerArt, Quayola’s digital paintings

Art and technological innovation meet in the exhibition spaces of Maker Faire Rome, with an exhibition dedicated toQuayola artistwhich for the first time in the capital presents the progetto Storms. The special section MakerArtedited by Valentino Catricalàwill be an opportunity to admire the work of one of the most important artists of the media artwhose characteristic feature is that of a look at the past, of a digital reinterpretation of our cultural heritage.

Quayola’s research, of Roman origin and born in 1982, moves into combination of digital, robotics and artificial intelligence and an iconography that has its roots in the history of art, from the ancient, Renaissance and Baroque, to the genre of the landscape, from the romantic to the impressionist. Storms is made up of a series of ultra high definition videoinspired by the work of English William Turner and its famous ones storms, where advanced technologies are used to explore the pictorial substance. The images of real stormy seas and shot on the coasts of the Cornwall are used as a data set from which to draw to generate the digital paintings. In fact, as Catricalà pointed out, the shooting of the images is not the work but only the moment of capturing the data: these are then reworked through game engine processes to give life to the true work of art.

For the artist, the nature is a universal space, to be explored and interpreted, where natural and artificial forces meet and collide. With his techniques, Quayola has given life to a new contemporary aesthetic, conditioned by algorithms.

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