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Maltese Government’s Influence on Online Business Development

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Online business today takes a special place. Many people tend to organize such a business and develop it. However, not every businessman is able to find the most beneficial conditions for the development of a startup. Malta is one of the authorities which deals with online business for many years. Today we’re going to speak about the government of this state and observe its influence on Internet business in general.

Reasons to Initiate Online Business in Malta

The country is known for its welcoming conditions for diverse online startups. Thus, we can emphasize a few important benefits of the organization of an online business, for instance, a Malta online casino:

  • Appealing tax rates, which are lower compared to many other countries (they start from 5% in the Republic)
  • Advanced infrastructure (the country uses high-quality technologies, which help build a robust online business)
  • Well-educated workforce with good experience and low prices (thus, if online businesses need to hire staff, they can find outstanding experts in Malta and even save their money)
  • Secure banking system, which guarantees the safety of finances, the security of transactions, and the protection of any sensitive data.
Malta Online Casino

There’re also several other reasons to choose the Republic of Malta (the RoM) as a location for a new online business:

  1. Advantageous location. The state is situated in the middle of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It’s also the biggest shipping route, which might be significant for e-commerce. The country itself is very experienced in the shipping industry. It’s necessary to mention that the RoM cooperates with such advanced countries as the US, France, the UK, Turkey, and many others. The export contains seafood, electrical machinery, mechanical equipment, and many other things.
  2. Wonderful transportation system. The RoM is known for having one of the leading IT infrastructures. Thus, the speed of the Internet here is impressive and allows the development of any online business. The air and sea transportation routes are safe and reliable. Maltese airlines serve the greatest parts of Europe and the Middle East.
  3. Stable economic situation. While the economy in many countries keeps fluctuating, Malta can be proud of its stable and strong economy. Even the situation with Coronavirus didn’t manage to shake the stability of the country. And this is an important benefit.
  4. Universal native language. In Malta, English is an official language. Being a language used for international communication, it’s known by the residents of almost any country. Thus, everyone can take a chance to organize an online business in the RoM. The language is used not only for communication in general but also for transactions and in the majority of spheres important for businesses.
  5. Beneficial lifestyle. There’re many advantages connected with life in the RoM. The country has a pleasant and warm climate, offers lower prices for accommodation and everyday needs, and makes a special emphasis on the culture and heritage.
  6.  Affordable costs for business organizations. If you want to start a business or establish a company in the RoM, you will be surprised by the low costs. For instance, to register a firm, a businessman will have to pay from €250 to €1,800. The fee amount depends on the initial capitalization.
  7. Taxation treaties. The country signed many treaties to boost international trade. Thus, it’s possible to expand your business, avoiding double taxes on profit and decreasing expenses.
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Examples of Business in the Republic

Considering all the advantages of the country for online businesses, we can offer a few business ideas for your startup:

Type of businessOpportunities
Travel agencyTravelling is one of the most developed industries in Malta. People of the country value their culture and heritage. Besides, the transportation system and international communication are well-developed. Thus, you can feel free to start such a business selling exciting online tours and attracting more tourists to Malta.
Online gambling clubMalta is one of the official licensors of online casinos. Thus, it’s possible to establish a gaming club by obtaining an operating allowance even if you live abroad. It’s just enough to meet the requirements of the MGA and pay all the demanded fees. Thus, business people can make their online gambling business legal in the majority of countries.
Online language teachingWith English as one of the official languages, it’s very easy to initiate such a business. You can teach people any language you know (either your native or the other one). It’s possible to organize lessons with the help of Zoom. Such a business doesn’t require huge investments – just your enthusiasm!
Video editingAlmost everyone is a vlogger today. However, not everyone can edit videos professionally. If you are skilled enough, feel free to offer your services and even to establish the whole agency to edit videos, pics, and other media materials. A reasonable quality/price ratio will take you to the top.
Online advertisingIt’s one of the most popular industries, which brings huge incomes to those who are skilled and experienced. If you know the most effective ways to promote something, feel free to offer your services and open an agency (or just work as a freelancer). In the RoM, you can easily cooperate with partners from any part of the world, enjoying pleasant tax benefits.

To establish a company or initiate a startup, it’s required to know what you really want and can offer. To guarantee sustainable development, you should be able to demonstrate your expertise in a definite sphere.

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A well-thought online business registered in Malta can bring an impressive profit. However, it’s always vital to think about a business plan with clear aims. Choose the best idea for your startup and start earning money right now!

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