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Mandragora has up to ten active abilities and a set of moves worthy of soul – Mandragora – Gamereactor

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Mandragora has up to ten active abilities and a set of moves worthy of soul – Mandragora – Gamereactor

The action-RPG and Metroidvania-like genre (or rather a fusion of the two) has undoubtedly produced some of the most entertaining and well-made games in recent years. Metroid Dread, the Ori series, Hollow Knight, Tails of Iron or Death are just a few examples of successes that we also find in Mandragora, a future contribution from Hungarian studio Primal Game these two qualities. We had the pleasure of chatting with them for a while about the game during the last Cologne Game Show in Cologne, and they left us with some very interesting details that reflect what they want to give Mandragora Depth and personality. Check out the full interview below.

As you can see in the video, the game looks spectacular in terms of art, but beyond that, a solid enough game foundation is needed to make the game fun and challenging, and it looks like we’re in Mandragora There’s going to be a lot of that, as game design lead Gabor Szabo told us, because we’re going to have in the gameUp to 10 active skillsand a very completeCombat Action Set.

“You’ll have a lot of moves, I mean combat moves. You’ll be able to walk, you’ll be able to run, you’ll be able to roll, defend, counter-attack and parry, defend, jump (and double jump), charge attack and zone Hits. Basically, it has a lot of actions and animations. You can also cast spells and perform combos by spending mana. So you’ll have quite a few resources at your disposal. Even if you start with just one, then you Up to eight or even ten active skills can be built to learn.

With such an arsenal, the flow of combat and adventure seems to suggest that completing the game would be a feat, but in reality itsscheduleAlso differentiated from other games, it incorporates different ways of progression, has a class system and crafting of tools and weapons.

“There are many ways to progress through the story. The first is to learn the basic controls, on a simple level, get used to the controls with simple enemies. Defeat the first boss, learn the skills, and from there learn how to craft materials and Meet the first NPCs. We can hire a blacksmith or FaeLord and use the materials obtained to craft swords or new gear. Gradually, as we progress through control, we can spend points to upgrade attributes.

There’s still a lot of secrets to be uncovered about Mandragola, but Primal Game Studio is expected to get more details about the confirmed release date and platforms (other than PC) from the original game studio soon.Currently, the studio is going throughKickstarterFund the game, and if you want, you can access it from here and contribute.

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