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many functions coming to smartphones, smartwatches and cars

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many functions coming to smartphones, smartwatches and cars

Expectations for AI on smartphones are high, and 2024 doesn’t look set to disappoint them. During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​for example, Google has announced many AI features for Android coming already with the February 2024 Feature Drop for the operating system!

As emerges from a video published by Google and available at the top of this news or on YouTube, among the AI features coming to Android in February 2024 there is the possibility of using Artificial Intelligence on Android Auto. The latter will in fact be able to summarize the messages arriving on your chats, including group ones: the aim is to avoid distractions while you are driving and use theAI to select relevant information on which you would like to be updated even while you are behind the wheel.

Furthermore, AI will be able to share your route or your arrival time with your contacts, initiating calls via Android Auto. On smartphones, however, people with vision problems will be able to use Artificial Intelligence to better distinguish images: the voice assistant will in fact be able to recognize and describe photographs received via messages from other users.

Following the Italian launch of Google Gemini, then, theGoogle’s AI will be able to converse with you directly from the Messages app, without the need to download any dedicated software. In fact, all you need to do is open the Messages app and chat with Gemini: from here, you can simply interact with the AI ​​as you would with any other user. Among other AI-based functions, we have a improved Google Lens and TalkBackwhich can now recognize objects around you faster and read aloud particularly important information from your web searches.

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Furthermore, theFitBit app has received a big update, and now integrates all biometric data from sources other than FitBit-branded devices, such as smart rings, “smart” treadmills and third-party apps. Additionally, a couple of highly requested features have arrived on wearOS, such as the ability to insert loyalty cards and airline tickets into Wallet (exactly as happens with the app on smartphones) and the possibility of receiving real-time information on public transport.

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