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Meta brings its AI assistant to its social networks…

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Meta brings its AI assistant to its social networks…

Meta doesn’t just want to challenge ChatGPT, he wants to beat it. As? Bringing AI where people can easily find it. The company of Mark Zuckerberg announced the integration of its AI assistant, introduced last September, across all major social platforms Meta: Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp e Messenger.

Meta brings its AI assistant to its social networks

L’Meta AI assistant will be accessible via the search box of Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger, as well as appearing directly in the main Facebook feed. Users will also be able to interact with the assistant in the inboxes of the Meta apps and, for the first time, through a standalone website on Meta.ai.

In addition to making its AI more readily available, Meta has announced Llama 3, the next major release of its foundational open source model. During the launch event, Zuckerberg explained that Llama 3 outperforms competing models in key benchmarks and in various activities. And as The Verge reports, Meta will also launch two smaller models of Llama 3 today, both in the Meta AI assistant and for external developers. One version much more you can and multimodal will arrive in the next few months.

Free and available to everyone

But beyond the power of the model, Zuckerberg knows well the key to the possible success of his AI assistant lies in availability. Not surprisingly, he defined the goal is that the Meta AI assistant “the smartest AI assistant that people can freely use around the world. And he warns: “With Llama 3, we basically feel like we’re there.”

The ability to access via social media will make the difference. While the chatbot currently only works in the United States, it will arrive in several English-speaking countries in the next few days. But, potentially, it could reach all 3 billion daily users of the various social networks.

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In other words, Meta wants to take the idea of ​​ChatGPT and bring it to more users. A bit like she did with Snapchat Stories and TikTok Reels. Zuckerberg knows that the enormous scale of his products makes the difference: it doesn’t matter that they arrive first, but that they reach more users.

An AI assistant for all Meta social networks

But beyond the scale, the peculiarities are many. The Meta AI assistant integrates real-time search results from both Bing and Google. Additionally, it offers ianimated and high resolution images while typing. A quick tips panel inspired by Perplexity (which we told you about) aims to make the chatbot’s features more accessible.

New features that, however, few users could experience if the AI ​​assistant simply remained on a site: it’s more the average user is likely to search for ChatGPT, or at most Google’s Gemini. But Llama 3 which powers the AI ​​​​assistant in its social platforms, Meta fears no rivals.

If it is true that ChatGPT has recorded 1.63 billion visits to the site, just a few months ago Sam Altman spoke of 100 million weekly users for the chatbot. But the users on the various Meta platforms reach almost four billion users — even considering that some are users who use multiple social services, they are on another scale.

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