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Meta Quest 3 vs Apple Vision Pro: mine are better, says Zuckerberg

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Meta Quest 3 vs Apple Vision Pro: mine are better, says Zuckerberg

The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, is making waves in the tech world once again. In a recent video posted on Instagram, he spoke about the Apple Vision Pro and compared it to the Meta Quest 3, which has been on sale since last year. “I thought the Meta Quest 3 would have a better cost-benefit ratio over the Vision Pro, but they are actually a better product,” said Zuckerberg in the video.

He also took to Twitter, where user GREG ISENBERG shared a video of Zuckerberg comparing the two products. In the video, Zuckerberg highlights that the Quest is seven times less expensive yet much more comfortable, better for gaming, Xbox, and YouTube. He also expressed surprise at how much better the Quest is for the majority of things.

Zuckerberg’s comments showed a departure from his typical billionaire persona, with a more casual and relatable approach. He highlighted the lack of cables and wider field of vision as significant advantages of the Quest 3.

He also mentioned the broader library of apps available for the Meta device, which seems to be backed up by the facts. The weight of the device and absence of cables certainly make for a more user-friendly experience.

Zuckerberg’s bold statements about the Meta Quest 3 potentially overshadowing the Apple Vision Pro are sure to stir up controversy among tech enthusiasts and Apple fans. Still, his remarks bring attention to the Meta device and its capabilities for mixed reality.

The question remains: do you agree with Zuckerberg’s assessment of the Meta Quest 3 and its potential to lead in the emerging market of mixed reality devices? Only time will tell if his predictions come to fruition.

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