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Metro Exodus now has a full free mod editor

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Metro Exodus now has a full free mod editor

4A Games has announced that Metro Exodus now has a fully integrated mod editor.Dubbed the Exodus SDK, this feature allows players to create stand-alone content from an editor suite “like Same day we released Metro Exodus”. .

As noted in a recent blog post, the editor SDK suite features full Mod.io support, and the ability to easily share content you make, all within a visual script editor, tutorial level, and a fully unpacked sandbox above the level.

4A Games notes that there are slight caveats to what you can do with the editor suite, including that it can’t be used for commercial purposes, which means it’s only for making other community-made content that’s free.

The developer also confirmed that it won’t be entering the engine licensing business, which is just “What it means to the community”. .

While you can check it out today, the Exodus SDK engine will continue to improve daily.

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