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Mettler-Toledo integrates full label verification into powerful mix-and-match combo systems

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Mettler-Toledo integrates full label verification into powerful mix-and-match combo systems

Giesen, March 20, 2023 – Mettler-Toledo, one of the world‘s leading providers of product inspection solutions, is presenting its modular mix-and- Match combination solutions with a comprehensive label check. Food manufacturers and contract packers as well as cosmetics companies benefit from highly integrated, cross-technology product inspection solutions in the smallest of spaces. At the same time, they opt for a cost-effective option to replace previous error-prone manual random checks with a fully automated label check. The systems are suitable for use in high-speed production lines to document label testing in accordance with industry guidelines such as BRCGS.

“With our modular mix-and-match combination solutions, we are raising both the quality of the label inspection and the degree of integration with other product inspection systems such as our checkweighers and X-ray and metal detection systems to a new level,” says Neil Grüttner, Business Development Manager at Mettler- Toledo Visual Inspection Systems. “Food manufacturers and brand owners reduce the risk of expensive and brand-damaging product recalls due to incorrect labelling, shortages or contamination with foreign objects with the mix-and-match combination solutions. At the same time, the solutions make a significant contribution to reducing the total cost of ownership and unnecessary production waste.”

Complete automatic label control

Food manufacturers and contract packers can use the new Mettler-Toledo solutions for label inspection of packaged food presented at Interpack to carry out a complete and comprehensive automatic label inspection: the labeling of each individual product is automatically checked to ensure that it is free of errors. Whether best-before date, ingredients, indications of origin, allergen information, batch number, brand logo or 2D codes and barcodes et. al.: The Mettler-Toledo solutions check both the presence of all label elements and their correctness and visual or machine readability. In addition to this, the label check includes checking for quality defects such as e.g. B. incorrect positioning or alignment of the label, wrinkles, damaged corners or edges, as well as poor print quality and double labeling. The quality and correctness of the labeling can be checked on all sides of the product – including the top and bottom. Furthermore, a wide variety of packaging formats – including round packaging such as glasses and bottles as well as thermoformed packaging – are supported.

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Easy integration

Neil Grüttner: “The portfolio that we are presenting at Interpack 2023 for automated label inspection is extremely flexible and offers numerous options for integrating it into existing production lines – be it as an independent stand-alone system, as an installation kit or integrated with other inspection systems such as Checkweighers, metal detectors or X-ray inspection systems. Customers benefit both from the modularity of our portfolio of visual inspection systems for checking labels and from the fact that they can be combined with other inspection technologies.”

The new offering is based on advanced Mettler-Toledo smart cameras for inspecting oriented products from the side, from above, and a new line scan camera that supports effective inspection of labels or printing on the underside of the products. The portfolio also includes a 360° inspection head for checking round objects. The cameras can be mixed and matched depending on the specific production needs. The very easy-to-use software scores with a special toolset that makes it much easier to set up the label inspection, such as reading barcodes or checking plain text using OCV (Optical Character Verification). In addition, it offers software aids that intuitively guide the operator through the image processing settings such as illumination, shutter speed or focus in order to optimize the image quality.

New systems at Interpack 2023

Visitors to Interpack 2023 can experience the following new label inspection systems live at the Mettler-Toledo booth:

V13 for label verification of flat pack products

The V13 inspection system is a robust, flexible and space-saving inspection system for reliable label inspection of labels attached to the underside of flat packs. The stand-alone solution supports numerous configurable options for handling different materials and can also be expanded with top and side smart cameras. V13 enables a fully automated inspection of labels with a throughput of up to 300 products per minute or belt speeds of up to 70 meters per minute. For more information on V13, visit: www.mt.com/vi-V13

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Combined system CV for checkweighing and label verification

The compact combi system CV combines checkweighing and completeness check with a fully automated label check for all products. The space-saving solution can be fully configured from standard modules, and shared conveyor belts and product handling components also reduce costs. Companies can combine Mettler-Toledo checkweighers from the C33 and C35 series with the visual inspection systems V11, V13 and V15. Inspection systems include options for side, top, bottom and 360 degree inspection cameras. For more information on the CV combi system, visit: www.mt.com/cw-vi

Combination system CMV for 3-in-1 inspection

As a powerful critical control point, the combi-system CMV combines metal detection, weight control and label verification in a fully integrated and space-saving system. Thanks to its flexibility, the CMV combi-system can be configured to suit individual customer requirements. For more information on the CMV combi system, go to: www.mt.com/cw-md-vi

METTLER TOLEDO is a global precision instrument manufacturer and service provider. The company holds a leading position in numerous market segments. METTLER TOLEDO is one of the largest providers of weighing systems and analytical instruments for use in laboratories and for inline measurement in demanding production processes in industry and the food trade.

The METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection division is one of the leading providers of automated inspection technology. The business includes the brands Safeline metal and X-ray inspection, Garvens and Hi-Speed ​​checkweighers as well as CI-Vision and PCE Track & Trace. The product inspection solutions increase the process efficiency of producers and support them in complying with industry standards and regulations. METTLER TOLEDO systems ensure consistently higher product quality, thereby helping to protect consumers and the reputation of the manufacturer and its products and brands.

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For more information: www.mt.com/pi-pr

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