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Microsoft 全新 PC Manager Deep Clean 功能被指會拖慢系統 | Unwire.hk

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Microsoft 全新 PC Manager Deep Clean 功能被指會拖慢系統 | Unwire.hk

Microsoft introduces a new PC Manager specifically for Windows 11, called the Microsoft PC Manager, which has already been listed on the Microsoft Store. It is believed that many users have already started to try out this program. One of its featured functions is the “Deep Clean” feature, which is meant to speed up the operation of the computer, but may potentially slow down the computer.

Recently, the website Neowin reported that the Deep Clean function of Microsoft PC Manager is being criticized for slowing down the computer speed. This feature mainly checks the user’s computer, finds and clears unnecessary files, thus freeing up space to achieve faster computer operation speed. However, the result may backfire because the Deep Clean function will clear all the files in the computer’s Prefetch data folder, which is used by the computer to store application program information that helps to speed up the next boot time.

Although the above files are not necessary, they can be very important for the normal and fast operation of the computer. When Microsoft PC Manager clears all the files in the Prefetch data folder, the fast startup will be lost. Despite the performance in recovering disk space, it may actually lower the overall computer speed. Users who have installed Microsoft PC Manager should reconsider whether to use the Deep Clean function, or even consider using other solutions to avoid the slow down of the computer speed.

Source: XDA

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