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Microsoft opens its first cloud region in Italy

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Microsoft opens its first cloud region in Italy

Three datacenters located in Lombardy, able to guarantee security, privacy and advanced performance, in order to accelerate the digital transition of companies and public administrations in the area. Microsoft will make it available in the coming weeks for companies using Microsoft Azure or Microsoft 365, with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform to follow.

Among the guests at the presentation was Poste Italiane, which is leveraging Microsoft technologies to accelerate its digital transformation and offer Italian companies and public administrations a new set of joint digital solutions.


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“Digital innovation – said the CEO Matthew Del Fante – influences the strategic decisions of major companies and their business models. Our collaboration with Microsoft is long-standing and today focuses on the introduction of infrastructure and the application of big data analysis tools capable of transforming our technological model by aligning it with the best tech-companies. Poste Italiane wants to be the bridge between the big Italian innovation centers and the territory for the development of businesses and digital skills, supporting the ecosystem of Italian start-ups and SMEs”.

The new region datacenter is part of Italy ambitionthe largest investment plan of Microsoft in our country – equal to $1.5 billion over five years announced in 2020 – designed to create new growth opportunities through cloud technology for businesses, to modernize the Public Administration and train professionals on the digital skills necessary to complete the country’s digital transition. Over the next four years, Microsoft and its ecosystem of cloud customers and partners could generate approximately $135 billion in new revenue and create more than 237,000 new jobs, according to a recent study from IDC. The cloud region accounts for approximately 17.1 percent of total estimated new revenue (or $135 billion in new revenue).

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“Italian companies have always been excellences in the world for their creativity, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship, consolidating their position among the most esteemed and trusted brands globally,” said Ralph Haupter, President of Microsoft EMEA. “We believe this vibrant business landscape deserves the best technology infrastructure available. With our new region datacenter in Italy, we are enabling the country’s organizations to seize the opportunities of the digital age, scale more easily internationally and leverage the new technologies, such as AI capabilities, helping to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.”

L’Italia adds to the more than 60 Microsoft cloud regions distributed worldwide and will become one of the largest of 17 data center regions announced or already launched in Europe. The local cloud region will in fact be open both to Italian companies to support them in the implementation of services on the territory, and to all those global organizations that want to leverage the Italian region to accelerate their digital transformation.

“With the first cloud region, we want to further consolidate our commitment as a strategic partner for Italy’s growth thanks to digital innovation. Together with our partners, we stand alongside Italian public and private companies to offer them access to innovative and secure cloud services through which they can improve competitiveness and sustainable development. This is the largest investment that Microsoft has made in Italy in these 40 years with technologies and programs to generate a virtuous ecosystem of innovation in our country”, he commented Vincent EspositoChief Executive Officer of Microsoft Italy.

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According to IDC research, by 2027 Microsoft Italy together with partners and customers will generate 237,000 new job opportunities, including both new jobs directly within the ecosystem and those you’ll create outside of it. In addition, Microsoft, its ecosystem, and customer IT departments will add 40,700 new skilled IT jobs over the same period.

Microsoft datacenters are designed according to sustainability and circular economy logics: by 2030 Microsoft will be carbon negative and by 2050 it will eliminate from the environment all the carbon emissions that the company has emitted directly or through electricity consumption since its foundation in 1975 , including data center operations. By 2025, the company will transition to a 100% renewable energy supply, which means it will have green energy procurement contracts for 100% of the electricity consumed by all of its data centers.

Finally, Microsoft is reducing the use of cooling water in its datacenters and estimates that it will use water to cool the Italian datacenter for less than 5% of the days of the year.


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