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MINTROCKET Reveals Trailer for New PC Game ‘NAKWON: LAST PARADISE’ – A PvPvE Zombie Survival Experience

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MINTROCKET Reveals Trailer for New PC Game ‘NAKWON: LAST PARADISE’ – A PvPvE Zombie Survival Experience

MINTROCKET, a gaming sub-team of NEXON, has unveiled the trailer for their highly anticipated new PC game “NAKWON: LAST PARADISE.” The game, which is currently under development, is a player-versus-player-versus-environment (PvPvE) game with elements of a zombie apocalypse survival game.

The concept of “NAKWON: LAST PARADISE” was first revealed in May of this year. It is a third-person perspective survival game that takes place in Seoul, a city overrun by zombies. Players must navigate the streets of the city while evading and fighting off hordes of the undead. The aim is to find safety and establish an isolated base, known as “The Last Paradise,” where survivors can seek refuge.

While official details of the game are yet to be released, it appears that “NAKWON: LAST PARADISE” will follow the gameplay style of other popular survival games. According to information found on the Steam store, players will face off against AI-controlled zombies and other challenges while collecting resources in Seoul. Additionally, they will also need to contend with the threat of other players.

The main focus of the gameplay will be on stealth and strategy. Players will need to use various tools and items to explore their surroundings or distract zombies, as gunfire will attract more of the undead. The developers have emphasized that in the apocalyptic world of the game, there are no rules – players will need to increase their citizen level to obtain better survival equipment while also navigating the dangers that come from other human players.

MINTROCKET, known for their highly acclaimed pixel simulation game “DAVE THE DIVER,” has garnered attention for their upcoming project “NAKWON: LAST PARADISE.” With the success of “DAVE THE DIVER” and the resources provided by parent company NEXON, the new game from MINTROCKET is generating significant anticipation.

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Furthermore, it is worth noting that “NAKWON” is the pinyin representation of “낙원,” a Korean word meaning “paradise.” On Steam, the game is titled “Nackland: The Last Paradise.” The release date for the game has yet to be announced, but interested players can add it to their wish list on Steam.

As players eagerly await the release of “NAKWON: LAST PARADISE,” they can expect an intense and immersive survival experience where every decision matters in the race against hordes of zombies and other players in the pursuit of the last paradise.

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