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Moving your eCommerce business to a physical store

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Have you been having a lot of success online recently? Maybe it’s time to move your eCommerce business to a physical store. At the start of 2022, around 27% of total retail sales were done online which shows that you’re only reaching a small proportion of UK shoppers.

Sales forecasts suggest that this year, sales in physical stores will reach £308 billion which is why now is the time to start thinking about joining this market too. There is a lot to do when opening a store and if it’s not done correctly, then it may impact your sales.

This article will provide a step-by-step guide to moving your eCommerce business to a physical store, ensuring you’re maximising your customer reach.

Find the right premises

This will be pivotal to the success of your store. You must find a space that will receive a large amount of footfall, otherwise, you may not be noticed very easily. The best place to guarantee a large number of shoppers walking by is to choose a spot on the high street. The rental prices for these spaces may be high but it will be worth it.

Your store must also be a suitable size for your products too. Go too big and your shop may look empty, go too small and it may be a squeeze for customers which may make them leave without purchasing after a poor shopping experience.

Legal regulations

Next, you’ll have to ensure your business complies with the government’s requirements for selling goods. This includes:

  • Sale of Goods Act
  • Supply of Goods and Services Act
  • Sale and Supply of Goods Act
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Make sure you have the right business insurance and don’t forget to pay your taxes or you may receive a hefty fine which will impact your profits.

Create your unique space

Now you’ve sorted the legal bits, it’s time to make this shop your own. Get the right tools and equipment to ensure that your decorations and modifications look exactly how you imagined. Your store should match your online brand image so that you remain consistent across the entire business.

Plan the grand opening

Once you’re happy with how the physical store is looking, it’s time to bring some customers in. Decide on the date of the big opening and start promoting it online. This could be on social media or you could send an email out to your existing online customers to invite them down personally.

As you can see, moving your eCommerce business to a physical store does require some hard work. In return though, you’ll get a larger customer base and increased chances to sell your great products and services.

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