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MSI CLUTH GM31 gaming mouse series out of the box: both wired and wireless are smooth, and the lightweight design upgrades the control experience! | T Kebang

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MSI CLUTH GM31 gaming mouse series out of the box: both wired and wireless are smooth, and the lightweight design upgrades the control experience! | T Kebang

For e-sports players, in order to create the best gaming experience, in addition to the most critical computer hardware performance and the specifications of the monitor displaying the game screen, another crucial thing is the “control interface”. Many games require more precise and sensitive control skills, such as FPS or MOBA games, where reaction speed is the key to success or failure, and the mouse has become the preferred choice for many players to upgrade their control experience. target.

As a first-tier e-sports manufacturer, in addition to the main gaming laptops and gaming desktops, MSI also continues to expand its peripheral product line, among which gaming mice are naturally the top priority, and MSI CLUTCH gaming mouse series Not only has a high-tech appearance design and colorful lighting effects, but also is equipped with an extremely accurate PixArt optical sensor and a high-durability OMRON switch, making it a powerful tool for gamers who value the control experience.

In addition to the sensitivity and durability of the hardware itself, MSI launched the “ultra-lightweight” CLUTCH GM41 LIGHTWEIGHT series last year to address the “pain point” that players often use the mouse for a long time to cause wrist burden. The weight of only 74g further improves the control The flexibility of time allows players to quickly move and locate the mouse effortlessly, reducing the burden of long-term use. In addition, it also provides wired and wireless versions to meet the needs of players with different orientations.

At this year’s IFA Consumer Electronics Show in Germany, MSI also showcased a new member of the ultra-lightweight gaming mouse: the MSI CLUTCH GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT series, which is also a medium-sized mouse built with lightweight and ergonomic design concepts, suitable for Eastern The small and medium-sized human hand uses special lightweight materials to further reduce the weight to 73g. At the same time, it has a built-in high-sensitivity PixArt PAW-3311 optical sensor with a resolution of up to 12,000 DPI and a movement rate of 300 IPS. Experience smooth handling. Similarly, the MSI CLUTCH GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT series also provides wired and wireless versions. In the following pages, the author will take you to find out!


This year’s new MSI CLUTCH GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS wireless version continues the style of the previous GM41 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS as a whole. The mouse body is smaller than GM41. It adopts a medium-sized configuration and is left-right symmetrical. It can maximize the palm size of small and medium-sized players, regardless of right-handedness. Or the left hand is suitable, the actual feel is quite good, and the grip is very solid.

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The list of items in the box of MSI CLUTCH GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS, in addition to the wireless mouse body, also comes with a dedicated charging stand (including USB receiver) and MSI FRIXIONFREE micro-abrasive wire for USB A ot USB C.

In terms of specifications, MSI CLUTCH GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS is equipped with PixArt PAW-3311 optical sensor, which provides up to 12,000 DPI and 300 IPS movement speed, which combines precision and sensitivity. In addition, the weight of the mouse is only 73g. Significantly reduces the burden on the wrist.

MSI CLUTCH GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS has the same design of mouse body and dedicated charging stand as last year's GM41 series, similar in appearance but smaller in size.

The size is medium-sized, about a little smaller than the palm of an adult male.

The buttons use OMRON micro switches, which are excellent in feel and durability, and are equipped with a middle-key scroll wheel, which is designed with non-slip rubber to improve handling.

The diamond pattern block is planned on the left side of the mouse body, which can make the grip feel more stable, and two sets of function keys are configured at the same time.

The right side of the mouse body also uses rhombic patterns to enhance the grip.

The dragon soul emblem with RGB lighting effects can be customized through Mystic Light on the computer.

The bottom is equipped with a PTFE mouse sticker, which can increase the smoothness of the mouse movement. Remember to remove the protective layer of the mouse sticker before use.

The grip feeling of the actual operation is quite good. For example, the author is more accustomed to laying his palm flat on the mouse. When using it, he can rest most of his palm on the mouse for support, and clamp the mouse body through the big finger, ring finger and little finger. to control.

The non-slip design on the left and right sides of the mouse body does provide an excellent grip, making the control process more arbitrary.

For wireless mouse users, one of the most important concerns is “power battery life”, and the specifications provided by MSI CLUTCH GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS are also reassuring. The battery life of up to 110 hours can maximize the actual playing time. And it supports fast charging, it only takes 10 minutes to exchange for up to 7 hours of power supply, and MSI CLUTCH GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS is also equipped with a dedicated charging base, which can be charged by placing the mouse lightly on the base. It is very convenient and intuitive to use.

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A dedicated area for storing the USB connector is planned inside the charging base.

Connect the included FRIXIONFREE micro-abrasive cable to the bottom of the charging base, and connect the other end to a computer or charger.

The body of the charging stand is moderately sized, and the mouse can be fixed and charged by a magnetic method by lightly placing the mouse on the charging stand.

There is also a hidden USB-C interface on the front of the mouse body, which can be converted into a wired form after connecting the cable. It is also an exclusive storage slot design patented by MSI. Put the USB here for storage, and you can take it with you anytime, anywhere .

MSI CLUTCH GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS has also switched to the USB-C connection specification. Compared with the microUSB interface on the front and back in the past, it will be easier to connect.

Added in the same field:MSI CLUTCH GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT Wired version

Basically, the appearance and specifications of the MSI CLUTCH GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT wired version are the same as the wireless version, except that the wired version has no built-in battery, so the weight is slightly lighter by about 10g, but the actual use experience is not much different. It is worth mentioning that MSI CLUTCH GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT uses MSI FRIXIONFREE micro-abrasive wire. In addition to the braided surface layer, it can reduce the problem of wire entanglement and knotting. The operation process of the body is “stuck”, and the original intention of MSI can be seen from the small details.

The wired version looks and specs exactly the same as the wireless version, but is slightly lighter.

The left and right sides of the mouse body are also designed with diamond pattern areas, which is not only visually beautiful, but also enhances the anti-slip effect a lot.


As the second product of the MSI CLUTCH LIGHTWEIGHT ultra-lightweight gaming mouse family, the smaller size is more suitable for small and medium-sized oriental hands. MSI CLUTCH GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT is quite satisfactory in terms of specifications and user experience. In terms of the resolution of the sensor, although it is not as standard as the GM41 LIGHTWEIGHT series with a maximum of 20,000 DPI, 12,000 DPI can also meet the needs of most players, and the mouse buttons use the same level of OMRON switches and have 60 million clicks. Durability, better able to withstand the intense manipulation during the game. In addition, the GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS wireless version also uses low-latency wireless connection technology, and the actual control feeling is good, almost no difference from the wired version.

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MSI CLUTCH GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT provides wired and wireless versions at the same time, and the choice is more flexible. However, the wireless version actually has both wireless and wired modes, and its versatility is relatively higher.

What’s great is that the battery life of the wireless version is good. Compared with the 80 hours of GM41 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS, it can be upgraded to 110 hours in one go. However, the 7-hour battery life provided by 10 minutes of fast charging is slightly inferior to the 10 minutes of GM41 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS. Provides 9 hours of battery life, but basically it will not have much impact on use, and GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS is also equipped with a dedicated charging stand, which can be charged without plugging in and unplugging the cable, and the charging stand is also equipped with a wireless receiver storage function , it is not a problem to carry the mouse out for use.

The body of the MSI CLUTCH GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS looks small, but it still has a certain degree of stability and comfort when gripped.

The dedicated charging base not only makes charging more convenient, but also supports the fast charging function so that players can continue to fight without waiting too long.

On the whole, MSI CLUTCH GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT series inherits many advantages of GM41 LIGHTWEIGHT, including extremely lightweight feel, moderate size, and can fit the hands of most players. It will take a little getting used to so that you don’t feel like you can’t stop the car, but such a lightweight thing is really “you can’t go back after using it”, and you will feel a bit heavy when you go back to using other gaming mice , in short, for players who want to upgrade the game control experience, the GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT series will be a very good entry option.

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