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MSI Raider GE67 HX 12U

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MSI Raider GE67 HX 12U

I’ve actually had the pleasure of checking out one of MSI’s Raider GE laptops before, as I reviewed the GE77 HX model a while back. But with PC and laptop makers starting to gravitate towards the RTX 40-series and 13th Gen Intel components, there’s no better way to round out the last technology era by looking at another giant. This is the MSI Raider GE67 HX.

For starters, this laptop isn’t much different from the GE77 HX model at all. In fact, any meaningful change can only be seen on the display. Even if it’s a small thing, because the main feature that sets these computers apart is that the GE77 HX uses a 17-inch screen, while the GE67 HX uses a 15.6-inch screen. Both are still QHD and OLED with a response time of 0.2 milliseconds, a maximum refresh rate of 240Hz, and a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, which means they’re vibrant, responsive, clear, and generally, great for Anything you might need them for. Having said that I’ve found that on the GE67 HX out of the box you need to do a little bit of tweaking on it’s brightness and saturation etc because the True Color Technology and HDR sometimes seem to conflict with each other making the picture look terrible, Lack of detail. This can be a pain, but with a little fiddling, this can be fixed.

When it comes to gaming, however, to ensure optimal performance, laptops often turn off these systems, letting you activate them manually when needed. This means that, when it comes to gameplay, where smooth frame rates and vibrant graphics are king, the GE67 HX doesn’t skip a beat. A 12th Gen i9-12900HX CPU matched to an RTX 3080 Ti GPU, and 32GB of RAM both mean you can run the latest games at the highest possible graphics settings and still get solid frame rates, or at lower graphics standards for better performance.

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Apex Legends

  • Ultra: 112 frames per second
  • Minimum: 240 fps (upper monitor limitation)

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  • Ultra: 110 frames per second
  • Minimum: 138 frames per second

marvel spiderman

  • Ultra: 80 frames per second
  • Minimum: 101 frames per second


  • Ultra: 110 frames per second
  • Minimum: 144 frames per second

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

  • Ultra: 180 frames per second
  • Minimum: 240 fps (upper monitor limitation)

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Planet Coaster

  • Ultra: 87 fps
  • Minimum: 175 frames per second

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

  • Ultra: 82 frames per second
  • Minimum: 97 frames per second

While performance is generally very good, it should be said that the GE67 HX is a laptop that runs very, very hot, which means you get a lot of ambient fan noise when gaming, and it tends to bleed the battery in an attempt to keep it cool. While the 99.9 Whr battery will do all it can to ensure good power is always available, having a power supply nearby is highly recommended.

MSI Raider GE67 HX

While I also noted in my review of the GE77 HX that the device isn’t particularly subtle, with a giant RGB bar on its front base and various gaming indents and vents that grace its chassis, I do think the 15.6-inch model It’s a better fit for this style of design, since having a smaller form factor means there’s less to grab your attention. Even with the lesser quality on this device, you still get plenty of ports and connectivity options (whether it’s USB, micro-USB, 3.5mm audio jack, SD card slot, HDMI, Thunderbolt, or even an Ethernet port), Allows the notebook to be used in a variety of ways. When the GE67 HX isn’t pushing its limits and fan noise is minimal, the built-in speakers on both sides of the case deliver a great audio profile that’s immersive and clear.

However, one thing that does leave me wanting more is the Wi-Fi connection, as I’ve found it really struggles to provide a stable and accurate connection, as evidenced when testing multiplayer games like Apex Legends and Deathloop is a problem. Needless to say, the ethernet port seems to be a must.

But, all in all, the Raider GE67 HX is another powerful and capable laptop in MSI’s lineup. It’s not perfect and has its kinks, but for modern games, it’s more than enough to let you experience the most demanding and up-to-date titles on the market. Is it better than GE77 HX? In my opinion, barely. Both are great devices, but I do think the design and style is better suited to a smaller device, where everything feels like it’s molded and put together more subtly.

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