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Musk delivers Tesla’s first Cybertruck: it was presented four years ago

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Musk delivers Tesla’s first Cybertruck: it was presented four years ago

The presentation begins with an explosion in the passenger compartmentactually a dynamic photo that seems to explode, showing all the parts that make up the inside of the car.

Then it seems that the camera passes through the pieces and only at the end is it seen (finally) il Cybertruck, on the nose, with its characteristic single LED that incorporates the headlights. The journey begins: the Tesla pickup skids on snow, ice and dust. In short, an ultra spectacular launch It looks like it was filmed in space: so the Cybertruck Delivery Event kept over 110 thousand spectators glued to the live broadcast organized by Tesla to document the first deliveries of the futuristic car wanted by its CEO, Elon Musk.

Something unique because in the history of the automobile there has never been a presentation made with so much fanfare for an old car, launched with the design we see today, 4 years ago. A geological era for the times of the motoring world, considering that many cars go out of production after five years.

Then Musk arrives and explains in front of a screaming audience that once every 5 years something extraordinary arrives. “And we remember these special moments. Yes, because this is a product that the most expert people had said was impossible to make. And instead… We are faced with our best product. A product that is future. It’s more truck than a truck and at the same time it’s a better sports car than a sports car.”

Musk doesn’t give up. And it goes on. “The trucks are robust, this is one of their characteristics. But we have found a super steel alloy that does not corrode and that we can produce in high production volumes. The Cybertruck panels are so hard that they cannot be printed, they would break the presses. This is why our car has greater torsional rigidity than a McLaren Mp1…”

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“The other time – continues Musk – I threw a ball at this car, it went badly, maybe we should try again”. A guy comes along, throws a baseball with all his might onto the glass and this time the window glass doesn’t break. And the CEO speaks again: “So you don’t have to worry if stones or hail hit the windows. You are more isolated from the environment, in a quieter world. But the Cybertruck is like silk, soft to drive. Then it has a very low center of gravity, so it doesn’t tip over.”

As if that wasn’t enough, another video is projected on the big screen behind Musk in which more than one person shoot with on the sheet metal of the carwhich resists bullets.

“You often see in movies – says Musk – people hiding behind a door and shooting. It would never work, but with our car it does. Why did I want it bulletproof? Why not? The apocalypse could arrive at any moment and this would be the best technology to survive. I want to say one thing though: this is not a show. But it is a vehicle that can be used every day to do what a truck does. Basically it can carry everything you can fit in the huge trunk.”

And then another spectacular video starts, where in a towing test the Cybertruck beats a Ford F150, a Rivian and even a colossal Ford F350. So Musk returns to the assault: “The performances are extraordinary. It has variable height with self-levelling suspensions that adjust themselves based on the weight you carry. The underbody is completely flat, so you can travel on any surface without problems. It has variable-angle steering and a turning radius better than that of a Model S. Not only that: it has a 48-volt electrical system and 70 percent fewer cables because it uses wireless technology.”

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“Now – continues Musk – let’s take it to the track and see how it goes against a 2023 Porsche 911, bought and not rigged.” Frost in the crowd. It seems impossible. But the video starts. Ok, track so to speak, because this is a drag race, but we are in America, what can you do… So the Cybertruck takes off like a rocket and beats the green 911. It’s not enough. Only at the finish line do we discover that the Cybertruck ran while towing on a trolley another 911 identical to the one it beat.” Crowd roar. And so Musk doesn’t hold back: “Our Cybertruck can drag a 911 over the quarter mile faster than the car would do on its own.” Applause. Curtain.

The lights come on and they arrive from the usual neon tunnel a slew of Cybertrucks that Musk delivers to the first customers opening the door for him and saying between one selfie and another “here’s your car”. “Enjoy your truck.” “It will be amazing to see all these cars driving around.” “It will change the way the streets look and how we see them.” End.

The show was amazing. But it didn’t help answer some key questions. How much does the Cybertruck cost? How much did customers pay for it? Mystery. Revealed shortly after, but not at the presentation: the price list it ranges from 60 thousand dollars and goes up to 100 thousand, while the autonomy varies from 250 to 340 miles. All things not said in the video because the price estimates were lower, and the battery life estimates were higher.

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