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Musk launches xAI, his startup for “good” artificial intelligence

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Musk launches xAI, his startup for “good” artificial intelligence

Elon Musk launched his long-heralded artificial intelligence startup xAI on Wednesday, showcasing a team made up of engineers from the same big US tech companies he hopes to challenge in his bid to build an alternative to ChatGPT. The startup will be led by the same American tycoon, former CEO of the electric car manufacturer Tesla, number one of the rocket launch company SpaceX and owner of Twitter who has repeatedly stated that the development of AI should be paused and that the sector needs regulation.

Musk has repeatedly expressed concern about the “civilization-destroying” potential of artificial intelligence. In an event on Twitter Spaces Wednesday night, Musk explained his plan to build a safer AI. Rather than explicitly programming morality into its artificial intelligence, xAI will seek to create an AI that is “most curious,” he said.

“If he was trying to understand the true nature of the universe, this would be the best thing I can think of from an AI security standpoint,” Musk said. “I think it will be in favor of humanity, from the point of view that humanity is much more interesting than non-humanity.” Musk has also predicted that superintelligence, or AI smarter than man, will arrive in five to six years.

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