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Net1 Soluzioni Informatiche enriches the Smeup offering

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Net1 Soluzioni Informatiche enriches the Smeup offering


Smeup has signed the agreement for the acquisition of 95% of the shares of the Vicenza-based Net 1 Soluzioni Informatiche. “Thus we cover a highly relevant area such as Veneto and integrate our offer with outsourcing services for workplace management” declared Dario Vemagi, CEO and CTO Smeup ICS

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Published Nov 23, 2023

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Dario Vemagi, CEO and CTO Smeup ICS and Tiziano Pesavento, CEO of NET 1 IT Solutions

The growth of Smeep – a reference company in the IT landscape in Italy with headquarters in Erbusco (Brescia) – with the signing of the agreement which provides for the95% acquisition of the Vicenza area Net1 Soluzioni Informatiche Srla company with over 20 years of expertise in management services for client companies’ workstations.

With Net1, Smeup strengthens its presence in Veneto and enhances its offer

Present in the technological panorama since 2000, Net1 Soluzioni Informatiche stands out for its growth path in the Veneto area, with a strong focus on outsourcing for workplace management.

Ensure the protection of your DATA during data center modernization

Datacenter Infrastructure Management

The partnership will enable important synergies thanks to the excellent skills developed by the two companies, enriching the solutions already present in the Smeup offering dedicated to issues relating to business sector ICS (infrastruttura, cloud e security)growing rapidly within the group.

With this operation, Smeepwith registered office in Erbusco (BS) and 20 other offices in Italy, 548 collaborators and 2600 customers in Italy and around the world, also strengthens its presence in Veneto, where it has over 100 people covering both the application and that of cloud and infrastructure.

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This operation has a double importance for us – he has declared Dario Vemagi, CEO and CTO Smeup ICS, the Smeup company specialized in infrastructure projects, Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and IT security – covers at a territorial level an area of ​​great importance such as Veneto and, at the same time, from the point of view of customers and of the proposal to the market, it allows us to integrate our offer with outsourcing services for the management of positions Work. In Net1 Soluzioni Informatiche we found competent people with strong commitment, who immediately shared a common growth path, in perfect continuity and completion of the services offered to customers”.

The need for managed services is felt and Net1 is ready to grow

The choice to grow through external acquisitions through long-term industrial projects is the strategy that has contributed over the years to the sustainable development of the company’s business performance, bringing Smeup to the milestone of 73 million euros in revenues in 2022. To guarantee continuity for resources, customers and for the market, the management of Net1 Soluzioni Informatiche Srl will maintain their current managerial and operational duties and the roles of all current collaborators will also remain unchanged.

“With this corporate operation we continue with the smeup strategy implemented in recent years, positioning ourselves more and more as a partner capable of creating value for the customer. From the market we note the need of companies regarding services managed by operators in the sector. Which is why we chose to invest in a company with strong skills and years of experience in the field. Working with the professionals of Net 1 Soluzioni Informatiche will be a great added value for us that will enrich the group’s know-how” he noted Silvano Lancini, President of smeup.

“In our vision this operation constitutes a springboard in the path of collective growth. We strongly wanted this operation because we believe in this industrial project. For this reason we will continue to operate personally to facilitate the integration between our realities” he added Tiziano Pesavento, CEO of NET1 IT Solutions.

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