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Netflix password sharing, what is Core House and how will it be found

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Netflix password sharing, what is Core House and how will it be found

After months of hypotheses, guesses and announcementsNetflix has finally clarified (also in Italian) how it intends to counter the abusive sharing of passwords, understood above all as the transfer of credentials to third parties of the account, even against payment.

The changes should take effect within the month of March and are based on two main concepts: what Netflix calls the Core Home and the technology that will be used to define it.

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What is Netflix’s Core House

For the company, a household is “a group of people living in the same location with the owner of the account”, therefore basically a family but not necessarily.

It is what is also called Main location, and to establish it, the first time you create an account and connect, Netflix will use the wifi network of the place where the various devices are supported (the house, predictably). Subsequently, and as it was easy to imagine, they will come use “information such as IP addresses, device IDs and account activity to determine if a device logged in to the account is linked to the Primary Location”. Not GPS, he seems to understand.

However, the meaning is clear: if an account is created in a specific place in the world, it is expected that most logins to that account take place from that specific place in the world. Netflix explains it clearly, moreover: for the devices to be included among those of the same household (and therefore authorized), “you must access and watch Netflix on the app or on the site while you are connected to the wifi of the main location at least once every 31 days”.

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What happens if you are outside the household

The company also reiterated that “people who are not part of the household will have to use their own account to watch Netflix” and above all that “devices who are not part of the Main Location Netflix viewing can be blocked”.

Again, everything is clear: if the account is created (for example), in a home of Genova but a lot of the streaming activity is done by devices that connect to a wifi a Milanothis viewing activity may be blocked remotely.

But if you are travelling, for leisure or for work, and you want to watch Netflix with your account from a tablet, from a TV you’ve never used before (the one in the hotel, for example) and connected to a wifi that you’ve never connected to before? The company had already explained in early January that “all subscribers will be able to watch Netflix while traveling”, but now it has added that if you are away from the Primary Location and the device is blocked you can “ask for a temporary code to access Netflix for 7 days consecutive”. Obviously this only applies if you are part of the account owner’s household, otherwise there is only one solution: “Register a new account”.

Similar speech also applies to those who have second boxby the sea or in the mountains: “While you are traveling or if you move between multiple addresses, you can continue to use the Netflix service”, and however “if you move away from the Main Location for a extended period of timeviewing on your device may be blocked” but still “you can request a temporary access code to continue watching”.

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Will it be possible to add more homes to Netflix?

It is still unclear whether, as previously speculated, Netflix will really give the possibility of adding another household (for a fee). other than the main one. Speaking of second homes, at the moment there doesn’t seem to be a need, both because it is foreseen that one can move between multiple addresses and because the reliability of the various devices can still be restored by connecting to the wifi of the Main Location to look at “something at least once every 31 days”, why so “confirm that the device is trusted to watch Netflix, even when away from the main location”.

And then, there are still the 7-day codes, although at the moment it is not clear how they will work: the most probable hypothesis is that an SMS arrives with a numeric code to be included in the app, but where will it arrive? On the device you want to use or (more likely) on one of those deemed reliable because it is linked to the household?


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