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New for Facebook Messenger: encryption and disappearing messages arrive

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New for Facebook Messenger: encryption and disappearing messages arrive

Precisely in the days in which the French government invites its ministers to abandon messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal for alleged security flaws and switch to Olvid (things?)another such app takes an interesting step towards greater protection of conversations.

The app is Messenger and in the Italian night it was Mark Zuckerberg himself announced that “after years of rebuilding Messenger, we’ve updated the app with end-to-end encryption by default for all calls and personal messages.”

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What does it mean that Messenger has encryption?

In simple words, this novelty (long promised, as Zuck himself admits between the lines) means that conversations between two or more people should be protected from possible external interference and prying eyes and also that they cannot be read by third parties. Not even from Meta.

The fact that encryption is “by default” is a significant detail: means that the user does not have to do anything for it to work, he does not have to activate any options or select anything. That’s it, that’s it, for any conversation you have on Messenger. Which is the main difference between the level of security offered by Meta’s messaging apps and (for example) the more complex one present on Telegram.

In the post dedicated to the announcement of the news (which is in rollout worldwidetherefore it does not reach everyone immediately and everywhere), Loredana Crisan, vice president of Messenger, explained that “our engineers, cryptographers, developers, policy experts and product managers have worked tirelessly to rebuild Messenger functionality from scratch” and that encrypted chats will work exactly like the others, i.e. also with the possibility of using personalized themes and reactions to messages.

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On Messenger even messages disappear

From what we have managed to understand, this news It does not concern (at least for the moment) group chats, which have encryption but not “by default”, that is, it must be an activity from time to time. As mentioned, however, this is a decidedly appreciable step in the direction of making Meta’s app offering more secure: at the moment, the appeal of those protected by encryption only Direct, the Instagram chat, is missing. However, she should join the group within a few months.

Encryption is not the only new feature announced for Messenger: there is also the possibility of listen to vocals at 1.5x or 2x speed (just like on WhatsApp), by change them up to 15 minutes later sending, higher quality for attachments and also i Ephemeral Messages, which last 24 hours and then disappear. A bit like Instagram Stories.


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