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New numbers are shameful for Google

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New numbers are shameful for Google

Android 13 has been available for almost a year, and its successor is already in the starting blocks. However, current data shows that most users are still not using the current version. Even Android 12 doesn’t come first.

Android 13: Prevalence less than 15 percent

Google has been much more transparent when it comes to the worldwide distribution of Android versions. In the meantime, the data is only updated irregularly and published on Android Studio almost unnoticed by the public. The latest figures are once again a sign of inadequacy for Google.

As of May 30, 2023 Android 11 the most widely used version of Android. It was released in September 2020. According to Google’s data, Android 11 is available on 23.1 percent of all Android devices that are still active. In second place is Android 12 with 16.3 percent (source: Mishaal Rahman bei Twitter).

Android 13 wasn’t even good enough for third place in the ranking. Android 10 is even ahead of the current version with 17.8 percent. Only then does Android 13 appear with 14.7 percent. After all, the share has almost tripled since January 2023.

Even older versions of Android have continued to lose market share, but even the most ancient variants have not died out completely. Android 4.4 Kitkat, which is celebrating its tenth birthday this year, is still installed on 0.5 percent of all active Android phones. With around 3 billion Android devices worldwide, there are around 15 million that are still running Android 4.4 Kitkat.

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In the video: This is what Android 13 offers.

OS distribution: Apple shows how to do it right

Apple shows that new versions of mobile operating systems can also be distributed much more quickly. The current iOS 16 can be found on 81 percent of all iPhones. If only the iPhones released in the last four years are considered, then the share of iOS 16 increases to 90 percent (source: The Indian Express).

But it is also clear that Apple only provide comparatively few cell phone models with updates must. There are no third-party smartphones with iOS.

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