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New skin costs more than the actual game

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New skin costs more than the actual game

Have microtransactions in Call of Duty reached a new low? The players are horrified by the publisher’s pricing policy.

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“Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” has been in cinemas for a few days. In keeping with this, there is now a small crossover with special skins in Call of Duty MW III and Warzone. A total of four “Godzilla x Kong” bundles are available for purchase there. Such actions are not unusual in themselves, but this time there is a special extra.

Because only those who purchase all four bundles will ultimately receive the so-called “BEAST Glove” on top. This is a melee weapon in the form of a combat glove. The four bundles cost a total of 2,400 CoD points. Converted into real money, this means: if you want the glove, you have to put almost 80 euros on the table. For comparison: Call of Duty MW III itself costs 69.99 euros.

Apart from the look, the glove has no special features to offer. It’s essentially a regular melee weapon. Compared to other skins, it actually comes up short. The glove cannot even be combined with a weapon camo.

It’s no wonder that players aren’t particularly enthusiastic about this skin and that negative reports are piling up online. However, Activision probably doesn’t care. As long as sales are right, we will probably continue to increase the price in the future and see how much money we can squeeze out of the community.


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