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New technologies for disseminating science

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It has had a social and environmental impact since 1994, well before the issue was put on the public agenda and debate. Verdeacqua was born as an association, after a civil service experience of two young people at the Civic Aquarium of Milan, which has always been a center of scientific dissemination. «Today we are a social enterprise, a cooperative society. We believed that this was the right and natural evolution as the activity took shape and structure” explains Emilio Mancuso, president of the coop (16 members and 41 collaborators), made up mainly of naturalists and biologists. One of the main activities is the educational service on natural sciences, sustainability and the climate crisis aimed at schools, with particular attention to technologies. «For example, we talk about marine biology and ecology from underwater: we are underwater while the kids are in the classroom, perhaps hundreds of kilometers away. We communicate with them through a particular mask and a video camera. But it’s not a streaming, there is a live effect and an interaction with us. All this makes them attentive and involved.” Furthermore, Verdeacqua is involved in teacher training and offers activities aimed at families.

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