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New Tiguan from VW: format remains almost unchanged

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New Tiguan from VW: format remains almost unchanged

SUV number 1 in Germany and very important for VW: the Tiguan
Image: Volkswagen

There is a lot to do at Volkswagen, some things are slow going, some are due to political short-sightedness. Meanwhile, the successors to the Tiguan and Passat are coming up, so there’s a lot at stake.

Volkswagen’s not-so-new CEO Thomas Schäfer is turning back time in the hope that this will be a step forward. What he took on from the planned models seemed to him more of an aspiration than a dream. Since the author of these lines was able to take a look behind the camouflage foils, it can be said that it was. And in parts it still is. In short: constructed too sparingly, which relates to the costs, also to the thoughts.

Holger Appel

Editor in business, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

Some things have disappeared into nirvana, some things are being reworked, the first Schäfer car will be the ID 2, if you like the electric Polo, planned for the end of 2025. That is rather late than in time, and because it is now being fought over whether the If the battery is to be screwed or glued, it could take a little longer. The gain in efficiency certainly speaks for the new proposal.

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