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Next-generation infrastructure for open automation

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Next-generation infrastructure for open automation

Schneider Electric in collaboration with Intel and Red Hat announces the creation of a next generation infrastructure for open automation. The new Distributed Control Node (DCN) software framework, an extension of the Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Automation Expert system, encourages enterprise adoption of a software-defined, plug-and-produce solution. The solution is capable of optimize any operation and costs, ensure quality, reduce the complexity of the processes.

The new generation of industrial control systems

In line with the goals set in the Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF), which aims to promote interoperability and portability, Schneider Electric, Intel and Red Hat have worked to create a modern network-based experience. It will pave the way for the next generation of industrial control systems.

Next generation infrastructure

Nathalie Marcotte, Senior Vice President of Process Automation di Schneider Electric
This project is the culmination of two years of co-innovation to create distributed, efficient and future-proof industrial control systems. The DCN software framework is the key to fostering an open approach to automation. Because it is capable of guaranteeing any company to grow and continue to innovate. Interoperability and portability will help our customers enjoy the freedom to tailor this technology to their specific needs, not the other way around.

A new industrial edge platform

Red Hat, in collaboration with Intel, recently announced the creation of a new industrial edge platform. It will encourage the adoption of a modern approach the construction and operation of industrial control systems. Since then, Schneider Electric has implemented Red Hat Device Edge in this new DCN software. In addition to Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and Red Hat OpenShift used computationally for DCN implementations, combined with a control infrastructure from Schneider Electric and a reference architecture from Intel.

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How the framework is formed

The framework consists of two main components. In order: an advanced computing platform (ACP), equipped with virtualization and monitoring functions. It oversees workflow control by providing the flow control and automation capabilities needed to deploy workloads securely and programmatically. Then the DCN, a low-power framework that uses Intel Atom processors from the x6400E series, dedicated to the execution of controls and designed for mixed criticality workloads.

Network nodes

Christine Boles, Vice President of Intel’s Network and Edge Group and General Manager for Federal and Industrial Solutions
Open and interconnected commercial solutions will drive the transition away from proprietary devices. They will do this with predetermined functions and flexible and dynamic software-based infrastructures. Intel has a long history of pioneering open systems throughout its ecosystem. This collaboration with Schneider Electric and Red Hat for the development of a software-defined control framework, built on general purpose operating and computing systems, will drive the transition of the industrial system.”

Next-generation infrastructure for open automation

Francis Chow, Vice President and General Manager of In-Vehicle Operating System and Edge at Red Hat
Red Hat is committed to helping businesses automate factory processes. By working closely with our partners, such as Schneider Electric and Intel, we can help build scalable production sites and defined by the software. With advanced automation capabilities and interoperability, thanks to a consistent platform-based approach. We’re excited about this collaboration, and it’s just the beginning. By doing so, we encourage businesses to explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence, edge computing and more.

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