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Next-Generation Stryd Running Power Meter: Make an ‘Instant Impact’ on Your Running Training | Fitz Sports Platform

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Next-Generation Stryd Running Power Meter: Make an ‘Instant Impact’ on Your Running Training | Fitz Sports Platform
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Previous Generation Stryd

The new generation of Stryd running power meters

new function

  • 5x faster response time for the most accurate pace
  • Track Lower Body Stress to stay fit and maintain your performance
  • New Running Profiles adjust power pace based on your workout conditions
  • Sprint Accuracy, for tracking progress in speed

New to Stryd

  • upgraded sensor
  • A new generation of advanced materials
  • Next Generation Design

The synergistic effect of Stryd’s new features add up to an “instant impact” on your running training, allowing you to train better, race faster and recover smarter.

Up to 5 times faster response time

Delivering incredibly responsive power, the next-generation Stryd truly delivers on the Stryd’s promise of power: a metric that guides your run in any condition. Now you can get to the right intensity faster and easier in any running condition, with 5x faster power response than the previous generation Stryd. This new technology is made possible by a combination of next-generation motion sensors, newly designed Stryd power meter bodies and grips, and breakthrough algorithms.

The increased responsiveness of Stryd will be felt immediately the first time you run it. Whether you’re doing mixed-intensity workouts, sprinting, or running on different terrains or tracks, you’ll find that you can reach your target intensity faster and easier.

Track lower extremity pressure adjustment recovery time

In the new generation of Stryd, we’ve introduced a new feature to track lower body pressure, which will help you recover and maintain your best running performance. Powered by Stryd’s new ability to accurately track Impact Loading Rate, it will allow runners to quickly identify and work to recover from large changes in lower extremity pressure that might otherwise be problematic.

Impact Loading Rate reflects how quickly your body absorbs force when your feet are in contact with the ground. Optimize recovery by learning how to handle situations that expose your body to high shock load rates, such as downhill running and high-speed running.

Training motivation is critical when pursuing goals. This new impact data allows us to provide insights to help you minimize mechanical stress while maximizing metabolism and competition-specific training. We hope this metric puts you ahead of the game.

Next Generation Design

The next-generation Stryd provides a deeper understanding of every step you take, enabling new next-gen features with an upgraded, more stable attachment to your shoe, while improving your accuracy and consistency in the most extreme running performances .

The combination of aerospace-grade aluminum, advanced fiber materials, and double-sided silicone keeps the Stryd secure to your feet in any running condition. Stryd’s housing now covers 100% of the power meter body of advanced fiber material, taking strength and robustness to a new level. The next-generation clamp features a high-grip silicone surface for added stability, keeping the Stryd on your foot more securely than ever — even on shoes with unconventional lacing styles.

Taken together, Stryd’s next-generation materials and designs deliver new levels of stability and quality data to enable new capabilities and insights on any and all of your runs. ‘

Next-Generation Experience

New Run Profiles for custom pace

Pace is the most critical skill for any runner. The new generation of Stryd makes pacing easier than ever. The new power meter enables three new Run Profiles on the Stryd app for Garmin watches and the Stryd Workout app on Apple Watch, giving you a profile tailored to each workout condition. speed tool. Customize running configurations for all new road, track and trail runs.

Each profile utilizes an innovative combination of custom watch displays and Stryd power meter configurations to collect data and report back to you in the best possible way. The road profile takes advantage of Stryd’s improved responsiveness to get you on target power goals in no time. Track Profiles bring the most responsive power numbers Stryd has ever seen, so you can hit every segment with wattage accuracy. The Trail Profile gives you the most consistent power numbers Stryd has ever seen, so you can stick to your power goals even in gradually changing conditions.

Put on the next-generation Stryd, load the Stryd app on your watch, and get ready for the highest precision run you’ve ever run. Feel better than ever and get more out of every workout with Stryd’s new running profiles for tailored paces.

Sprint Accuracy

For endurance runners, tracking their sprint performance is critical. Whether you’re sprinting at the end of a race or as part of a balance training program, knowing your sprint ability is critical. More importantly, knowing your sprinting abilities can help you understand your strengths as a runner.

The next-generation Stryd captures high-fidelity sprint data and tells you how it affects your overall running ability. First, Stryd captures power data with industry-leading accuracy, thanks in part to Stryd’s upgraded responsiveness. Stryd then uses this data to complete your runner profile with a more accurate power duration curve. Your improved profile upgrades your power goals so you can train and race with greater precision.

Now, Stryd can direct even the highest-intensity efforts and give you better guidance on every run and race.

Stryd Hong Kong general agent: Tiexing Co., Ltd.

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