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NICGIGA NIC-S250801 8 port 2.5Gbit switch, cheap, fast and very economical! (under 3W!)

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NICGIGA NIC-S250801 8 port 2.5Gbit switch, cheap, fast and very economical!  (under 3W!)

More and more devices have fast LAN ports with more than 1 Gbit. Unfortunately, 2.5Gbit or even 10Gbit switches are still very rare.

Until recently, such models were extremely expensive and, above all, power hungry! A point that really put me off these. But there are now some 2.5 Gbit LAN models that are no longer so power hungry and also have an interesting price tag.

The NICGIGA 8 Port 2.5G Ethernet Switch is such a switch.

This model has 8x 2.5 Gbit RJ45 LAN ports and even a 10 Gbit SFP+ uplink. This for under €100!

Let’s take a look at how good the switch is and how much power it requires!

NICGIGA NIC-S250801 8 Port 2.5G Ethernet Switch with 10G SFP Uplink im Test

The NICGIGA Switch has a more “functional” design. This is not a fancy switch, but rather a fairly classic device with a simple metal case.

This measures around 21 x 11 x 3.2 cm. A common size range for a model with 8/9 ports.

All of the switch’s connections are located on the front. This also includes the DC input!

The switch uses a classic 12V/1.5A model as a power supply.


On the front, the NICGIGA initially has 8x RJ45 LAN ports. These support everyone

100 Mbit
1000 Mbit
2500 Mbit (2,5 Gbit)

The manufacturer advertises a maximum of 60 Gbps switching capacity.

We also have an SFP+ port. SFP+ = maximum 10 Gbit!

The SFP+ port is intended as an optional uplink. If you have several network switches, it is common practice in a professional environment for them to be connected to each other via SFP / SFP+. But this is not mandatory, you can also simply connect the switch to your router using normal LAN ports/cables.

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The NICGIGA NIC-S250801 is a so-called “unmanaged” switch. So this doesn’t have a WebUI or anything similar.

With VLAN switch

However, the switch has a VLAN switch on the front. If you activate this, the LAN ports will all be divided into different VLANs. So these cannot communicate with each other.

However, all LAN ports can connect to the SFP+ port. Useful in a network where you don’t want devices to be able to talk to each other, but still want to be connected to the Internet via the SFP+ port.

This is of course a feature for larger networks or a business environment.

Without fan (and inside)

The NICGIGA 8 Port 2.5G Ethernet Switch is completely passively cooled. There is no fan or other components inside that generate noise.

I also opened the switch once. Unfortunately the chips are glued to a heat sink, so I can’t see what kind of chipset we have here.

However, the switch looks cleanly made.

Strangely, inside the switch there is a green LED that flashes constantly. This is only half visible through the cracks in the housing, but it’s a bit strange that it’s there.

In practice

I have been using the NICGIGA NIC-S250801 switch for just over 2 weeks now. So far this has been absolutely unproblematic! I had no crashes or other “weird” behavior.

The switch behaves completely “transparently”.

The performance is also 100%. I can push the full 2.5 Gbit through the switch without any problems. The only thing I haven’t tried yet is the 10 Gbit SFP+ port. Unfortunately, the port wouldn’t work with an SFP+ to RJ45 adapter that I had flying around. However, these adapters can be a bit “problematic”.

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An SFP to SFP (1Gbit) connection to my UniFi switch with a DAC cable worked without any problems.

Power consumption

Power consumption is a very important point for me! My first 10 Gbit switch that I had (and has since been sold) required a whopping 25-35W with 8 ports!

The modern 2.5 Gbit models are much more economical! Here are a few performance values ​​of the NICGIGA NIC-S250801:

2.8W – without devices connected 3.1W – with 1x 2.5 Gbit LAN device 3.8W – with 2x 2.5 Gbit LAN devices 4.6W – with 3x 2.5 Gbit LAN devices 5.2W – with 4x 2 .5 Gbit LAN devices

These are very tolerable power consumption values! You can effectively expect the switch to have around 2.8W “base consumption” + 0.6-0.8W per connected device.


Do you want to convert your network to 2.5 Gbit LAN? Then I can recommend the NICGIGA NIC-S250801 8 Port 2.5G Ethernet Switch with 10G SFP Uplink with a clear conscience!

This does a great job for me in my home/office network alongside my UniFi 1Gbit switch. I run my large PCs and NAS systems via the NICGIGA Switch and have never had a single crash!

In addition to the fair purchase price, around €100 for 8x 2.5 Gbit LAN, the power consumption is an important criterion for me.

But the Switch can also convince here. 2.8 W base consumption and + 0.6-0.8 W per connected device, that’s anything but too much!

In short, the NICGIGA NIC-S250801 is fully recommended!

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