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Nintendo Switch is selling like crazy! Sales exceeded 120 million | XFastest News

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Nintendo Switch is selling like crazy! Sales exceeded 120 million | XFastest News

According to the latest game hardware statistics, Nintendo’s Switch sales have exceeded 120 million units, ranking third in the game hardware sales list, while Sony’s PS2 and Nintendo’s NDS rank first. Both exceeded 150 million units.

In a recent report, Switch surpassed Sony’s previous generation of game console PS4 with sales of 118.2 million units, becoming the fourth best-selling game console product in the world. In the past two months since the last report was released, Switch surpassed Game Boy, which was ranked third, and entered the top three with sales of 120 million units.

A few months ago, this figure was only 110 million units. According to such a rapid growth trend, it is not impossible to surpass Sony PS2 and win the game console history sales champion in one fell swoop. Nintendo Switch was released in 2017, while Sony PS4 was released in 2013, with a total global sales of 116.96 million units, which has been completely surpassed by Switch.

Most importantly, as of June 2022, the Switch is only 64 months away from being released. PS4 only sold 9,375 units during the same period, and the total global sales of PS4 reached 110 million units in the 79th month, which means that Switch completed the sales record during the PS4 life cycle 15 months ahead of schedule.

As the current sales champion, Sony launched the second-generation PlayStation game console in 2000, and it was not officially discontinued until 2012. During its 12-year life cycle, it has set a number of game console records, including the highest-selling game console in history, the longest-selling game console, and the longest official manufacturer-supported game console.

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Its final sales volume reached an astonishing 157.68 million units. This is still without fully entering the domestic market. One can imagine how popular this host is worldwide.

However, there have been rumors that the Switch will launch a new model recently. If the Switch is retired before then, it will no longer be possible to surpass the PS2. Some time ago, a company under Nintendo that developed the “Pokémon” series recently released news that the next Nintendo Switch Pro has been under intensive development and is currently progressing smoothly. focus on.

It is reported that Nintendo is very likely to carry the chip code-named Black Knight on the new Switch Pro, and it is a Tegra Orin T239 chip specially customized by Nvidia, based on the Ampere GPU architecture + ARM Cortex-A78AE CPU core. This is an 8-core CPU SoC, while maintaining the appearance of the current model and the same handheld base, it is equipped with larger memory and supports 4K output.

However, the sales of Switch are still strong, and it is also reported that Nintendo has canceled its plan to launch Switch Pro. The main reason is that Nintendo may hope that Switch can replace PS2 as the world‘s best-selling game console, so after consideration, it canceled the release of Switch Pro to make way for Switch sales to surpass PS2.

There is nothing wrong with such an approach, but now that the Switch function has gradually been unable to support newly released games, such a decision may cause players to have no motivation to continue to support Switch products.

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According to industry insiders, Nintendo plans to increase the production of Switch from April. If the sales momentum is still strong, it will only be a matter of time before Sony PS4 is surpassed. But the premise is that players can accept such a game hardware product that has been launched for more than 6 years. This practice of exchanging player experience for sales will undoubtedly hurt the relationship between Nintendo and players.


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