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November / December 2023

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November / December 2023

It’s mostly about time zones and friendships on a Minecraft server

It started two weeks ago and one person announced on Twitter that they wanted to create a Minecraft server for anyone who wanted to join. I joined and now I’m completely addicted. It’s a mix of playing normal Minecraft and telling stories together via voice chat, signs and books in Minecraft, and it’s all a lot of fun.

Throughout the whole thing I met a lot of people from America, two Poles, two Dutch, a Vietnamese, a guy from Norway and two Australians, which means we have very different time zones. When I wake up, most of us go to sleep and that means there are maybe six of us during the day and over 15 people overnight. The Australians stay until about three in the afternoon, then they go to sleep. The Americans usually don’t come back until 11 o’clock in the evening, so I hardly have a chance to play with them.

So I developed a strategy to stay in touch with people in different time zones than my character. I write a book in Minecraft, put it in their mailbox as a letter, and when they wake up they can reply to it and write a story with me without us talking to each other.


The mailboxes in Minecraft

One of the people moved into the basement of my Minecraft house because another roommate offered it to him. I am the owner of the house and I didn’t know about it the whole time! I only met the person out of character this weekend because we never got to talk. It’s a very crazy concept but it works, somehow.

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