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Now available! New WhatsApp blocking feature

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Now available!  New WhatsApp blocking feature

WhatsApp Launches New Blocking Feature for Unwanted Messages

If you’re a dedicated user of the WhatsApp mobile messaging application, you’ll be pleased to hear about the new blocking function that has been launched to help deal with unwanted messages from unknown contacts.

After much anticipation, WhatsApp has finally introduced a faster and more convenient way to block unwanted messages without the need to open them. This new feature allows users to block messages from unknown contacts directly from the lock screen, saving time and hassle.

Meta’s own messaging app has communicated the news through a message on its official platform account, explaining the new feature. When receiving a message from an unknown contact on the lock screen, users simply need to press and hold the notification to reveal several options. One of these options is to block the sender at that moment. If a user wants to report a contact, the app will also display a second pop-up message allowing them to do so.

To use the new feature, users can check the Report Contact box and then choose Block in the pop-up window that appears on their device. This update eliminates the need to open the app and search through chats in order to block unwanted messages.

WhatsApp’s latest update is designed to save users time by providing a more streamlined process for blocking unwanted messages without sacrificing efficiency. The new feature simplifies the blocking process, previously requiring users to open a chat and navigate through drop-down menus to find the block option. Another previous method involved long-pressing a message in the chat list and then entering the drop-down menu to find the desired option.

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With this new feature, WhatsApp continues its fight against spam by providing users with more control over their messaging experience. The latest update makes it easier to handle spam and improves the overall fluidity of conversations, making for a more enjoyable user experience.

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