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Now Smart finally does what you want

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Now Smart finally does what you want

Apparently Smart is planning a new electric car for 2027. The “#6” will be available as a sedan and resemble a coupe.

According to current media reports, the “#6” should bring with it certain elements of larger competing products. This includes, for example, the wheelbase, which is supposed to be reminiscent of the “Polestar 2”. These are just rumors, because… Smart himself has not yet commented on this. However, it would fit, because the “#2” and “#4” are supposed to come onto the market within the next two years. And since the “Smart #5” minivan is rumored to be released in 2025, the reports surrounding the “#6” appear credible.

Are you still unsure whether an electric car is worth it? Our video will help you with your considerations:

The “Smart #6”: What details are known?

In addition to the wheelbase, certain characteristics of the engine are known. The “#6” will come onto the market in several variants, with one and two engines. LFP batteries are intended to provide power for a distance of more than 600 kilometers. However, it is not clear how many volts the “#6” battery runs on. However, the current commissioning of an ultra-fast charging station in China by Smart, which provides a charging station for 800-volt batteries, could be an indication that the “#6” also has a battery like the one in the “#5”. should be used.

“Smart #6”: Is there even a Brabus spin-off coming?

A media report even speaks of a Brabus offshoot. However, there are no confirmed sources for this yet. What is certain is that car manufacturers Smart is expanding its range of electric cars bit by bit. It would only be conceivable that further models are in the works that Smart does not yet represent. And it would be nice, especially for employees, to have an electric-based company car. After all, our state supports the electric car industry, which is why charging the electric car is tax-free for employers. A good opportunity for Smart to bring its own electric cars to the public.

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