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Nvidia ends production of the “GeForce GTX”

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Nvidia ends production of the “GeForce GTX”

The time of the Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics cards is slowly coming to an end. From April onwards, Nvidia does not want to produce any further cards in the GTX series.

Nvidia released the first graphics card in the GTX series in 2008. The Nvidia GForce GTX 280 marks the beginning of a successful series of powerful graphics cards for computers. At this time, many gamers were already convinced of the performance of the GTX graphics cards in computer games, and the graphics cards established themselves as the best at the time. So in 2008, Nvidia began calling the most powerful models of each generation “GeForce GTX,” followed by a number. Nvidia had previously used the abbreviation “GTX”, but not as a general name for its gaming GPUs, but only as a model name. Although Nvidia had already had the number sequence follow the GeForce brand for the first time in the 100 series, only GeForce GT and GeForce GTS models were released. These were also discontinued over time and GT models were limited to very low performance classes.

An era comes to an end

10 years later, towards the end of 2018, Nvidia introduced a new generation of graphics cards with the GeForce RTX series, based on the Turing architecture (RTX 2000). This marked a gradual farewell to the GTX series. The introduction of the Turing architecture brought with it new RTX features, including ray tracing and tensor cores, which showed a significant increase in performance compared to their predecessor models, particularly through ray tracing and DLSS. This put the GTX series in a lower price range.

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Although some GTX models continued to be manufactured, they were increasingly replaced by the new RTX graphics cards. The then new GTX 16xx series was produced without the relevant RT and Tensor cores. Until mid-2022, Nvidia continued to produce various models of the GeForce GTX graphics cards in the 16xx series, as well as mobile versions. Since the introduction of the later GeForce RTX 3000 and GeForce RTX 4000 series, no further GTX models have been introduced. The GTX 16xx, which was delivered until recently, is now finally over. Apparently Nvidia has already informed its partners that it will stop shipping the latest GeForce GTX series graphics cards (GTX 16xx (Super)) in the first quarter. Accordingly, dealers will only be able to sell existing inventory in the near future.

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