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NZZ has to shut down the newspaper production system after a cyber attack

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NZZ has to shut down the newspaper production system after a cyber attack

The “exceptional situation” is also associated with a reduction in the size of the print edition. According to media reports, the attackers are demanding a ransom for the blocked system.

The “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” continues to struggle with problems two weeks after a cyber attack on its computers. The publisher shut down central systems for newspaper production and had to pre-produce the Saturday edition on Thursday. The company announced on Saturday that this “exceptional situation” was also associated with a reduction in scope. Due to the cyber attack, some systems and services are still not available.

The IT of the NZZ is working with external specialists on corrective measures, it said. The electronic edition (e-paper), on the other hand, was accessible without restrictions. Newspapers from CH-Media-Verlag, which obtains IT services from NZZ, also appeared on a reduced basis on Saturday. Instead of 16 different local editions, only four could be produced, as the company told the Keystone-SDA news agency. All journalistic content was available online and via the app.

The cyber attack on the infrastructure of the NZZ media group became known two weeks ago. So-called ransomware was used, CH Media announced at the time. Hackers can use this to penetrate a victim’s computer system and gain access to or block IT systems or data. They can also lock out their victims with encryption technology and demand a ransom.

Hackers demand ransom

As the Keystone-SDA news agency learned from publishing circles, a ransom demand was made. The media companies did not comment on this when asked. CH Media publisher Peter Wanner, on the other hand, stated in an interview a week ago that, to his knowledge, no such request had been made. The financial damage is limited.

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It was unclear how long the problems would last. It is said that no further information can currently be given about further effects on the CH-Media titles, as this is part of an ongoing investigation. Due to the “rolling development”, no information can be given, the NZZ said.


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