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Of artificial intelligence, Midjourney and fake photos of Trump’s arrest

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Of artificial intelligence, Midjourney and fake photos of Trump’s arrest

In a period of great strides forward for artificial intelligences (just look at the arrival of the plugins for ChatGPT), the debate on this type of technology can only get wider and wider. This especially following the appearance on the Web of fake photos of Trump’s arrest.

Yes, you read right. As also reported by Ars Technica, the recent events involving the former President of the United States of America have unfortunately led to the diffusion of some images generated through artificial intelligence services. According to sources, the photos that went viral on platforms such as Twitter, depicting a fake scene of Trump being surrounded by police officers (we reiterate: it’s all totally fake), would have been generated using the newly launched V5 of Midjourney.

On the other hand, this latest version of the well-known AI image generation service starting from text input has also attracted attention due to the photorealistic results it is potentially able to create. It would have been generated by a guy who made statements to Buzzfeed News and Wired, also stating that he was then banned from Midjourney. Furthermore, according to reports, the latter service would have now blocked the word “stop” in relation to the inputs that can be provided to the AI, so as to avoid further problems.

Midjourney hasn’t officially commented on the whole thing, but Ars Technica also indicates that now it would be impossible to exploit certain words to generate AI images: among these are the name of Donald Trump and in general the names of other Presidents of the United States of America. In other words, we would be running for cover to avoid the spread of other similar images.

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In any case, now on Twitter everything is correctly indicated as false, in order to reiterate that there has been no arrest of Donald Trump. Instead, what this situation is fueling is the controversy over the use of artificial intelligence, given that the controversial photos have unfortunately gone viral on the Web and not exactly everyone seems to have understood that it is a fake. In the meantime, the story has gone around the world, even ending up, for example, on the pages of Rai News and ANSA, which have obviously indicated the images as a fake.

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