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One year of Copilot and new features arriving for 2024

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One year of Copilot and new features arriving for 2024

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2023 is the year in which artificial intelligence redesigned the experience of Microsoft users with the introduction of Copilot, the digital assistant integrated into the Edge browser to which advanced features were added in Microsoft 365 and with the integration in the Windows 11 operating system. A quantum leap that has allowed Microsoft to elevate the user experience thanks to the integration of generative models derived from OpenAI and optimized by the Redmond company’s engineers.
An evolution that does not stop, and indeed, pushes on the accelerator with the announcement of some new features for 2024 on the official blog: “more innovation and advanced features in Copilot to take advantage of artificial intelligence thanks to some new features that we have started testing and you will see them available soon.” In practice, Copilot will soon gain support for the GPT-4 Turbo model, an updated version of DALL-E 3 for image generation, a new programming code interpreter and in-depth search functionality within Bing.
How Copilot changes in Windows 10 and 11
We start with the GPT-4 Turbo generative model, currently still in the testing phase, described as capable of processing and sharing (discovering all the mutual relationships) a larger volume of data. And this is thanks to the possibility of managing multiple tokens, both in input and output. Furthermore, chats become multimodal allowing the combination of textual and visual information.
For image generation there will be the new version of DALL-E, which will allow the creation of even higher quality images, more in line with the requests made by users. The features are already available in Copilot.
Developers will be able to take advantage of another feature capable of examining and producing code in any language. Copilot will write code in response to specific, even complex, requests from the programmer. Furthermore, it will allow you to execute instructions in a sandbox while taking care of verifying the results and producing a report for the user. The new Copilot even allows you to receive input files in order to work directly on the code developed by the programmer. The product can also be downloaded locally.
On the Bing side, the engine will allow the use of the so-called “Deep Search”, i.e. exploiting the power of GPT-4 to provide more complete search results in the case of complex topics, expanding the search queries into more detailed descriptions. detailed to provide more relevant results.
The future of research
ComScore recently published the first results of its new collection of research and reports on AI generative queries which showed that “Microsoft was the protagonist, with an increase in its total share of 0.7 points (every other month), thanks also to the generative research of artificial intelligence on Bing Chat”.
“The introduction of generative AI-based search has been a turning point in the development of online consumer discovery and is accelerating business intelligence. Comscore is now measuring AI-driven search, demonstrating the growth and opportunities we expect to see in this market,” said Steve Bagdasarian, Comscore Chief Commercial Officer.

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