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OpenAI blocks ChatGPT in Italy

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OpenAI blocks ChatGPT in Italy

The powerful chatbot can no longer be called up in Italy: the data protection authority had previously had it blocked for alleged violations of data protection and youth protection.

Following the decision of the Italian data protection authority, the US company OpenAI has temporarily blocked the popular text robot ChatGPT in Italy. The ChatGPT application website was unavailable from Italy on Saturday. A notice on chat.openai.com said that “the owner of the site may have set restrictions preventing users from accessing it.”

“We also believe that there is a need for regulation of Artificial Intelligence. We therefore hope to work closely with the Italian Data Protection Agency as soon as possible to explain how our systems are built and used,” explained OpenAI.

No filters for “absolutely inappropriate” information

The Italian data protection authority ordered the platform to be blocked on Friday. Among other things, the authority pointed out that the operator OpenAI did not provide sufficient information about the use of data. There are also no filters that prevent children under the age of 13 from being shown “absolutely inappropriate” information.

The US company should now “inform within 20 days about the measures taken,” it said. Otherwise there is a risk of “a fine of up to 20 million euros or up to four percent of the annual turnover”.

ChatGPT is extremely successful, but warnings have been piling up lately. This week, for example, the police authority Europol said that criminals and fraudsters could take advantage of the application.


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