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OpenAI, what will happen to the “traitor” Ilya Sutskever?

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OpenAI, what will happen to the “traitor” Ilya Sutskever?

After the hearts – on the social network X – and the kisses and hugs in the office with the OpenAI employees who strongly wanted his return, Sam Altman he officially took back his position as CEO of OpenAIthe company that fired him just two weeks ago.

Altman wrote and published a statement on the company blog announcing this the formation of a new board: they will be part of it, initially, Bret Taylor (as president), Larry Summers and Adam D’Angelo.

In his message, Altman thanks the people who allowed OpenAI to go through the crisis opened by his departure unscathed. And he specifically mentions the name of Mira Murati, CTO of the company: “She is an extraordinary leader – writes Altman – and OpenAI would not be what it is without her”. An expression known to those who, in recent weeks, have followed the fortunes of the company which was founded in 2015 as non-profit research laboratory on artificial intelligence. “OpenAI is nothing without its people” wrote the employees in the days when there was a negotiation to bring Altman back in his place.

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Altman, in his statement, Call everyone by name. And states that Greg [Brockman, l’ex presidente di OpenAI] will lead the company together with him. “We haven’t yet figured out how to highlight this in the organizational chart, but we will” writes Altman, who in this way rewards the man who was most faithful to him.

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Brockman himself, following the ouster of Altman from OpenAI, resigned from the company’s board and from the role of president. And he was ready to follow the friend/colleague in Microsoftwhere the CEO Satya Nadella he was ready to entrust both of them “with the leadership of a new advanced AI research team”.

All the main senior members of OpenAI will therefore resume their places. All but one, it seems.

The fate of Ilya Sutskever, the one who can now be defined as the former scientific director of OpenAI, appears uncertain. Altman’s words about him sound cryptic, certainly not idyllic. Sutskever, we remember, was part of the original Board of Directors of OpenAI and voted for Altman’s departure from the company, only to regret it later. Along with hundreds of employees, Sutskever signed a letter calling for Altman’s return.

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“I love and respect Ilya” writes Altman about the Russian-born computer scientist who he strongly believes in one day achieving breaking latest news, the general artificial intelligence that will equal and perhaps surpass human cognitive abilities. “I think that [Ilya] both a guide and an extraordinary person. She holds no grudge against him. Although Ilya will no longer be part of the board, we hope to continue our collaboration and are discussing how she can continue her work at OpenAI.”

There is no rancor, therefore, but not even – apparently – an exceptional feeling between Altman and Sutskever. The two live on different towers of the same castle: Altman is the man who transformed OpenAI from a non-profit laboratory to a money machine, thanks to a billion-dollar investment from Microsoft. Sutskever is the computer scientist who aims for breaking latest news but who intends to do it in a responsible way, worried come on risks related to the development of artificial intelligence.

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In this regard, in an interview with The Verge, Altman confirmed the existence of the mysterious project Q* of OpenAi which was leaked in recent days, revealed by a Reuters exclusive. Q* would concern a type of artificial intelligence very close to breaking latest news. Precisely the fears linked to the progress of AI, which Altman is apparently marketing without adequately assessing the riskswould have led to the “dismissal” of the entrepreneur, who then returned to the company just five days later.

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