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Oppo Enco Buds 2 Pro review: cheap and very comfortable…

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Oppo Enco Buds 2 Pro review: cheap and very comfortable…

Smartphone, tablet, laptop e cuffie.
If we had to mention only four product categories for which you ask us for advice every day, we would choose these.
Indeed, perhaps it would be right to make a clarification: “headphones” most of the time translates into “auricolari true wireless“.
And it is understandable given that it is a market that has grown very rapidly in recent years, thanks to both the demand from users and the enthusiasm with which producers have decided to embrace this segment.
Now most of us have a pair but we don’t all use them for the same things.
There are those who, like us, use them for both work and leisure; there are those who only use them in the car for convenience and safety; there are those who use them only for music or even only for podcasts. There are also those who tend to use them only when traveling or, on the contrary, only at home.
That’s why there are no one-size-fits-all true wireless earbuds. Because we have very different needs, and often different budgets.
We, who want the best for calls, entertainment and isolation, are probably willing to spend more than those who drive less than an hour a day.

Why this premise? Because the Oppo Enco Buds 2 Pro in our opinion they respond to three very specific needs:

budget sotto i 50 euro;

good call quality;

good autonomy.

The review of the Oppo Enco Buds 2 Pro

Let’s start from a fundamental fact: the Oppo Enco Buds 2 Pro cost a list price 49,99 €. A fact that places them at the low end of the market. However, don’t think that Oppo has skimped on quality. On the contrary, the Chinese company has tried to find an excellent compromise between quality and price, fully hitting the target.

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How are they made?

Oppo earns the first note of merit with the design of its new true wireless earphones.
We have a flat arm, with a circular element at the top sensitive to touch, and the typical shape of in-ears for the upper part. What pleasantly surprised us, however, was the ease with which we managed to put them in our ears: the fit is perfect and you don’t have to spend precious seconds adjusting them. They seem almost magnetically attracted to your ear canal.
Convenience is also promoted: shape and weight (only 4.3 grams per cap) allow you to wear them for several hours without feeling discomfort.

The case is equally light and compact. The only note concerns the choice to opt for a case that has almost the same height and width, so in your pocket you will have a small curvature compared to other models that aim to be narrower to be less visible.
Not bad though: the build quality is excellent, lThe earphone housing is magnetic, we have a front status LED while on the back there is the USB-C connector for charging.
However, the button for activating the pairing which starts automatically the first time you open the case is absent; to connect them to a second device you will have to remove them from the case and hold down the circle on the rod for 4 seconds.

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Finally, we would like to point out the presence of IP55 certification for dust and water resistanceand the colors: Graphite Black e Granite White. The latter – the ones we tested – have a dotted light gray case, just like the headphones are light grey. In short, “white” so to speak, and it’s better that way since they gain in personality and elegance.

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Oppo Enco Buds 2 Pro review: how do they work?

Accompanying the Oppo Enco Buds 2 Pro is the HeyMelody application which allows you to:

view the remaining battery percentage; choose an equalization profile between Balanced, Bass and Bold;

activate the Game Mode;

find earphones if lost;

change the controls.

You have then the possibility of associating each touch – single, double, triple or prolonged – with a command, so if the default ones don’t satisfy you you won’t have any problems. In this way it will also be possible to use a simple gesture to activate Game Mode without going through the app, or even call up the voice assistant.

We have on board 12.4 mm drivers, Bluetooth 5.3 and noise cancellation technology for calls.
How does all this translate into daily use?
First of all we have high volume and decent sound quality which allows you to listen to a bit of everything. Things change when you select iThe Bass profile: here the propensity of the Enco Buds Pro 2 for bass emerges, which will give a different flavor to the music you listen to.

We also liked the call performance a lot, to which the microphones contribute, positioned to capture the voice and instead filter the environmental noise, and the algorithm that reduces this noise.
The final effect is decidedly satisfactory, allowing you to manage calls practically anywhere.


Without a case, Oppo’s earphones give you a gift approximately 8 hours of use before requiring a boost of energy. A blow that you can give them simply by inserting them inside the case.
Combining the two elements we arrive, according to the company’s declarations, at a total of 38 hours of time. An estimate that seemed rather accurate to us.

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Oppo Enco Buds 2 Pro review: conclusions

If you are looking for a good pair of cheap true wireless earphones the Oppo Enco Buds 2 Pro are certainly an interesting candidate, especially if focused on autonomy and calls.
On the musical front they defend themselves reasonably well – with some genres better than others – but they are clearly not created to be suitable for audiophiles. They are headphones that you can use every day, for everything, without too many worries and the certainty that they won’t abandon you at the most beautiful moment.

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