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OPPO Reveals Its Perspective on “AI+6G” and Drives Innovation with Strategic Collaboration with Startups • Techzilla

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OPPO Reveals Its Perspective on “AI+6G” and Drives Innovation with Strategic Collaboration with Startups • Techzilla

OPPO today presented its vision on the transformative role that 6G will have on the future communications industrythrough two new technical documents: the OPPO 6G White Paper 2023 e l’OPPO 6G Security White Paper. As the world sets global standards for 6G technology, these two documents look beyond, imagining the potential of a new era of intelligent connectivity and outlining a clear vision of the future of 6G. You can read the full version of the Whitepaper here.

In the 6G 2023 White Paper, OPPO explores how 6G will enable two emerging markets, each with a billion users, both having a significant impact on each other: Mobile AI Computing and the Mobile Metaverse. Using faster, multi-dimensional data transmission, enhanced AI capabilities and improved data perception, 6G will merge physical and virtual worlds, leading to an unprecedented fusion between reality and virtual reality. To meet the communication and computing needs of 6G, OPPO proposed a system design called “Minimized Kernel”, which offers a set of common functionality via a minimal subsystem, along with a set of subsystems optimized for specific use cases. This approach allows for access on-demand to optimal processing units, ensuring efficient and flexible network performance with reduced costs and energy consumption.

In the second white paper, OPPO addresses the security challenges and requirements for 6G networks in the 6G Security White Paper. The paper examines the evolution of security priorities, moving forward from the security of data transmission to the security of the data itself up to the privacy of users. To address these challenges, OPPO is exploring innovative technologies such as blockchain, physical layer security, AI security and post-quantum security, aiming to build a zero-impact 6G security architecture. This architecture aims to protect the security and privacy of user data and services, flexibly introducing new security capabilities based on service offerings and adapting future security development in real time.

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OPPO started researching 6G technology in 2019, envisioning seamlessly integrating AI capabilities as a key feature of the first generation of communications technology. With 6G, OPPO is committed to ushering in a new era of comprehensive intelligence, constantly advancing research, development and innovation to enhance communication experiences more intelligently, conveniently and securely for users.

Further details on OPPO’s vision for a 6G future can be found in‘OPPO 6G White Paper 2023 and in the OPPO 6G Security White Paper.

OPPO: Supporting Startups to Turn Ideas into Reality

OPPO also renews its commitment to promoting strategic collaboration with startups: “At OPPO, we understand the different needs of startups. We offer comprehensive support, including financing, technology and marketing, to help them grow and extend the benefits to more people. Through these strategies, we expect startups like AlpsenTek, HUAYI and CloudSteth to apply their innovations to real life,” he has declared Yan Ren, Director of Open Innovation Europe, OPPO.

“As artificial intelligence has become one of the most promising areas these days, OPPO is actively entering this industry and seeking further collaborations with startups to unlock new possibilities with AI.”

With 150 million startups worldwide and another 50 million emerging every year, innovation and creativity are redefining the industrial landscape. However, approximately 1 in 5 startups fail in their first year due to various obstacles, from financial difficulties to a product-market mismatch. Aware of these challenges, OPPO, a leader in the smart device industry, is actively committed to supporting startups in overcoming these obstacles and bringing their innovations to light.

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In addition to financial investment, OPPO also offers technical support and marketing opportunities for the startups it partners with. A tangible example is the partnership with AlpsenTek, specialized in artificial vision. Leveraging the financial and technical support of OPPO, AlpsenTek has integrated its ALPIX-Eiger hybrid vision sensor with artificial intelligence algorithmic capabilities, enabling the processing of sharp and realistic images on OPPO smartphones.

In the field of XR, OPPO has collaborated with DeepMirror, a company specializing in cloud-based AR games. OPPO gave a DeepMirror the opportunity to showcase its latest AR game at MWC24demonstrating the company’s potential to deliver an innovative and engaging gaming experience.

For OPPO, co-creation is key to driving transformation. Through collaboration with startups like HUAYI Medical Technologies, OPPO is developing solutions for contactless health monitoring, using radar and AI technologies to non-invasively monitor patients’ vital signs.

Finally, OPPO is committed to the long-term empowerment of startups, offering them ongoing support and opportunities for global recognition. Through initiatives like the OPPO Inspiration Challenge, startups can gain visibility and access to new growth opportunities.

Ultimately, OPPO continues to play an active role in supporting and promoting startup innovation, helping to turn ideas into reality and create a positive impact on society.

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