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Outdoor wall light with 2K surveillance camera: Visortech ZX-5319 in the test

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Outdoor wall light with 2K surveillance camera: Visortech ZX-5319 in the test

With the outdoor wall light from Pearl, Visortech ZX-5319, you kill two birds with one stone. Thanks to a dimmable LED spotlight with a brightness of up to 1000 lumens, it turns night into day and the integrated surveillance camera (theme world) with 2K resolution ensures more security.

So-called 2-in-1 solutions or multifunction devices are now more common in surveillance cameras. A distinction is made between classic cameras with integrated LED beams, the so-called spotlight cams (guide), with luminosity of up to 1000 lumens, floodlight cams (best list), which shine up to 3000 lumens brightly and surveillance cameras disguised as outdoor lights. In addition to the Visortech ZX-5319, the recently presented Eufy S100 Wall Light Cam (test report) also falls into the latter category, the LEDs of which not only light up white, but also in color. The Eufy is therefore also suitable as ambient lighting on the terrace or in the garden. The Visortech ZX-5319 can also do this, but only with white LEDs. Instead, it offers other benefits. The test report shows what they are.

The Visortech ZX-5319 outdoor wall light, which measures 24.3 × 6.7 × 6.3 centimeters, weighs 580 grams and is protected against water jets according to IP65. According to the manufacturer, it is ready for use between temperatures of -20° and +50° Celsius. Unlike the already mentioned Eufy model S100 Wall Light Cam (test report) or the Ezviz LC3 (test report), it does not require a fixed power connection to a wall, but is equipped with a three-meter cable with a Schuko connection. This allows the Visortech ZX-5319 to be used much more flexibly. Wherever there is an outlet, it can provide brightness and monitor the area. This does not necessarily have to be stationary on a terrace or in the garden with existing sockets, but in combination with a power station (theme world) it can also be used in places that do not have a socket.

The camera technology including the lens is hidden in the lower area of ​​the camera housing up to a height of almost 9.5 cm, while in the upper part there are a total of 24 LEDs behind the semi-transparent white cover. The screw mounts of the LED mount can be clearly seen at four points on each of the side edges. You can see that when you look at the case from the back, which offers numerous openings for cooling.

The reset switch and microSD card slot are hidden behind a rubber cover on the underside. Next to it is the loudspeaker, which can sound a siren with a volume of up to 110 dB. There is a notch at the bottom of the rear case into which you snap the plastic foot. This offers an adjustable joint that can be locked in the desired position between 0° and 90° with the supplied Allen key. It can be mounted on a wall as well as on a flat surface. The Visortech ZX-5319 can also stand freely on a flat surface such as a table or shelf if you tilt it slightly backwards. Of course, the hold is more stable if you use the supplied screws and dowels to attach the stand.

First, we insert a microSD card into the slot provided on the underside. The Visortech ZX-5319 is commissioned with a Tuya-compatible app. This can be the Elesion app provided by Pearl or Smartlife or Tuya Smart. When you connect the Visortech ZX-5319 to a power outlet for the first time, the pairing mode is active. You can also trigger this manually using the reset button on the bottom. You then tap on the app that requires registration via email address plus sign top right and then up add device. Then you choose under Camera & Lock on Security Camera (Wi-Fi) and selects the WiFi network to which the device should connect. The app then generates a QR code that you hold in front of the camera lens. The app acknowledges the successful reading of the code with a beep. A short time later, the Visortech ZX-5319 is connected to the WLAN. All in all, commissioning is easy and completed in just a few minutes (see also the picture gallery).

In the app, the device is registered with the name ZX-5318/-5319 (5318 stands for the model in black). If you tap on the tile with this device designation, the live view opens. In the lower area, users can use icons to activate full screen view, take a screenshot, have a conversation with a person in front of the camera and record a video. The camera records the latter with a maximum of 2304 × 1296 pixels and 20 fps in the H.264 codec. The model does not support the significantly space-saving codec H.265 aka HEVC. More buttons appear via the icon on the far right, represented by two lines with an arrow pointing up. In addition to the possibility of activating certain functions such as motion detection, PIR, siren, light, night mode, theme color, you have access to the videos recorded by the app (playback) and by the user (gallery) via playback and gallery. This means that many important functions are available directly in the live view. Further settings can be reached via the three-point symbol at the top right. Here, users can define the sensitivity of motion detection, including the activity area. The recording of videos, either continuous or event-based, can also be specified in the settings. As an alternative to storage on the microSD card, users can also take out a paid cloud subscription that not only stores videos, but also offers other detection methods. While Visortech ZX-5319 offers people detection as standard, the camera also identifies vehicles, pets and packages with a cloud subscription. Depending on the function and number of devices, the prices for this service are between 6 and 12 euros per month and between 45 and 100 euros with annual billing. Paypal and Stripe are available as payment service providers.

Overall, the app offers intuitive operation, even if some translations sound a bit odd, like “Touch to turn on Automatic“. This includes device-specific actions that can be defined under Scene. In the case of the Visortech ZX-5319, light switches, warning light duration and smart actions are available as options. If such quick settings, such as turning the camera LED on and off, are configured, they are also available for other devices and automations under the Tuya platform. For example, if a certain fine dust limit value of the Tuya room air sensor ZX-5160 (guide for smart room air sensors) is exceeded, the LED light on the camera can be switched on. Users can also control it by voice via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Unfortunately, integration into other smart home centers (top 5: smart home centers) is not readily possible. Only for open source solutions like Home Assistant there are some integrations for Tuya-compatible surveillance cameras. In order to facilitate such integration, the Visortech ZX-5319, like the 7Links IPC-740 camera (test report), also sold by Pearl, would have to support the Onvif standard.

Notifications about detection alarms land promptly on the smartphone via push message. False alarms are practically impossible thanks to the default activated person detection. The excellent WLAN reception of the Visortech ZX-5319, which reaches into the farthest corners of our office building, is also positive. A good 20 meters as the crow flies are bridged and many walls are not an obstacle. According to the app, the signal strength there is still 42 percent. Right next to the router it’s 100 percent. The voice quality of the two-way audio function is okay.

In terms of image quality, the Visortech ZX-5319 delivers many details thanks to the relatively high resolution of 2304 × 1296 pixels – at least 50 percent more than Full HD. The enlarged view also offers more reserves than Full HD models or variants with an even lower resolution. The camera also offers colored night vision. And the black and white shots in the dark are still good average. In backlight, however, the images are overexposed.

The manufacturer specifies the power consumption as a maximum of 18 watts. We measured just under 2 watts in normal operation with a smart socket with an electricity meter (top list). With the LED lighting switched on, it is 16.2 watts at maximum brightness and 7 watts at the lowest level.

Pearl charges just under 90 euros for the Visortech ZX-5319 including shipping. In addition to the tested white model, there is an identical black version, the ZX-5319. It costs three euros more. If you order two at the same time, you save a little and then pay 86.50 euros per model.

The 2-in-1 outdoor light with 2K surveillance camera Visortech ZX-5319 convinces in the test – but not 100 percent. For example, the partially only average workmanship, which manifests itself with the visibility of fastening screws behind the translucent surface, is to be criticized. Of course, one can also complain that it cannot use a power connection on a wall, but is instead supplied with power via a three-meter cable with a Schuko plug. Mounted on a wall, this cable usually remains visible. Other models like the Ezviz LC3 (test report) and the Eufy S100 Wall Light Cam (test report) can do this better. But you can position the Visortech ZX-5319 more flexibly and operate it in combination with a power station even if you are in a place where there are no sockets. In addition, the Visortech ZX-5319 costs significantly less than the models from Ezviz and Eufy. Apart from the lower price, it convinces with good image quality, timely notifications and excellent WLAN reception. The app is also intuitive and, thanks to its compatibility with the Tuya platform, allows the Visortech ZX-5319 to be integrated into a smart home with automations in conjunction with other compatible devices.

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