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Overwatch 2 Battle Array 2 Review: Faster rhythm and easier platooning

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Overwatch 2 Battle Array 2 Review: Faster rhythm and easier platooning

Overwatch 2 Douzheng 2 Review: Faster rhythm is easier to cut and platoon is better or worse, it will take time to prove | “Overwatch 2” Douzheng 2 will be launched globally in the early morning of October 5th, Hong Kong time. I believe that fans of this game are very concerned about this game. The “Hong Kong 01” technology plaything channel was invited to participate in the game’s priority trial. The following is a brief review of the game.

Change from 6v6 to 5v5, one tank less, faster rhythm, easier to cut and rank

From Overwatch to Overwatch 2, the biggest change is of course that the game mode has changed from the original 6v6 (2 tanks, 2 outputs, 2 supports) to 5v5 (1 tank, 2 outputs, 2 supports). Although it looks like only one character is drawn on each side, it is actually a huge change for the game.

All characters have undergone thorough balance changes, mainly by character type (tank supplement DPS): each character type in Overwatch 2 has a common passive, tank is “reduces the knockback effect received, but at the same time because of the healing effect. Reduces the ultimate recharge from being injured”, DPS is “gained movement and reload speed bonuses after kills”, and support characters are “recovery of your own health over time”. For some characters, the entire skill has been transformed directly, and the Destruction Fighter has also changed from DPS to tank angle.

Overwatch 2 will have 35 characters when it launches

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Traditionally, 6v6 is composed of 2 tanks, 2 output, and 2 support, which will be divided into a main tank (mainly responsible for holding the position and absorbing damage) and a sub-tank (mainly responsible for leading the attack on the front line). But after becoming 5V5, there is only one tank, and there is no longer a main and auxiliary tank. The tank must take on the task of defending and attacking at the same time; this may bring about a change that some tank angles will be more important in certain modes. Advantages, for example, in situations where strongholds need to be held, Reinhardt may have an advantage.

Many foreign test players think that Reinhardt and the new character Mizuki are a very good combination

Another major change is the removal of stun skills other than the tank angle; the control skills of DPS and support characters can only be slowed or knocked back at most, and only tanks can stun the opponent’s characters; and when there is only one tank on each side, they are blocked. The situation of hard control is much reduced; in other words, there are more opportunities to “cut the line”, and the characters with higher mobility have more opportunities to break into the opponent’s back row and attack the opponent’s more vulnerable characters.

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Coupled with the common talent of DPS characters “gaining movement speed and reload speed bonus when killing”, it makes the game easier to “snowball” kill streak than before. The difference between the victory and defeat of a gun. Characters like Genji with their own snowball characteristics (killing enemies to reset the left shift skill) are more explosive.

Changes may not be loved by everyone, but at least they will be more enjoyable to watch

The game ushered in a major change. Some people love it and some people don’t. In the past, the place where Overwatch was often stigmatized by people was the “Shield Meta”; that is, both sides of the team used characters with powerful shields/shields. Considering the strategic nature of the game, in the past The 6v6 mode does have more strategic elements and depth. After all, it takes 6 people to use the right time, place and people to “break the formation”; but from a viewing point of view, the “Shield formation” is not so enjoyable, and it is always on the screen. It seems that the two groups of people are stretching and shrinking behind their respective shields and waiting for each other to make mistakes, which is relatively lack of passion.

The Overwatch game used to be “Unlimited Shield”

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For the experience of Lone Wolf players, the shield formation that is difficult to break through is often not interesting; many players who always play gun games just hope to kill the enemy quickly, or simply be knocked down if they fail to kill; instead of wanting to be like ” “Dark Souls” generally go through a lot of hard work to defeat their enemies.

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After all, for many players, “refreshment” is more important than “tactics” or “depth”; in fact, this is more a matter of taste, and it is difficult to say which is better and which is worse. Of course, how the new 5v5 mode of Overwatch 2 will change the ladder and even e-sports events still needs to be discovered and led by players after the game is launched. Maybe there will be a meta worse than “Shield Array” in the end; but at least for now In terms of changes, it is believed that Overwatch 2 will have more personal breakthroughs than the original version, and perform multiple kill streaks with personal skills to break through the battle situation in one breath.

After all, the gun game still has more people who want to shoot easily

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The new hero design seems to encourage players to attack more

When Overwatch 2 launches, there will be three new characters, “Queen of Trash Town”, “Sorgeen” and “Mizuki”; the characteristic is that their damage is high: Mizuki’s Kuno has extra headshot damage, and the opponent does not have extra headshot damage. In the case of healing/shield, you can usually kill with 2 headshots; and the shotgun of the Queen of Junk Town has the ability to kill at close range, and it has high firepower for tanks and support roles.

From left: Sojian, Mist and the Queen of Trash

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And Suojian is like a hybrid version of 76 and the deadly woman Widowmaker. The main weapon is the rail gun, which is a machine gun with no recoil and high fire rate. fire.

It may be that the corresponding game is faster-paced and more aggressive than before, and the new three characters are quite aggressive. Personally, I think the designs of the three new heroes are good, especially Mizuki is very likable; if the new characters of Overwatch 2 in the future can maintain the same or even higher design/production level, I believe that Douzhen Special Attack 2 will be in the next period of time. All remain playable.

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Summary: At present, it is interesting to try it without money.

Overwatch is said to be an official sequel, but in fact, it is more like a restart that changes the business model; of course, the game has received a number of changes and new content. Words are also interesting. Anyway, the game has become free-to-play. If you like first-person shooters or battle games, there is no harm in giving “Overwatch 2” a try. If you are not particularly fond of human-to-human battles, but are only interested in the PvE mode, you can also play AI battles to familiarize yourself with the game feel and character characteristics, and by the way, upgrade your battle pass to unlock new characters.

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