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Payday 3 Faces Server Issues, Developer Apologizes for Delayed Update

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Payday 3 Faces Server Issues, Developer Apologizes for Delayed Update

The latest game “Payday 3” (Chinese translation: Payday) was released at the end of September. It faced server and matchmaking issues and lost reputation. After being repaired within a week, it still received mixed reviews due to lack of content and unstable connections. Developer Starbreeze It was originally promised to fix more than 200 bugs in October, but the update file continued to be delayed. Players abandoned the game and returned to the second generation. The official announcement yesterday (25th) apologized and explained the reason for the delay of the update file.

“We have been silent over the past few days, and we are sorry for that.” Starbreeze said that it is not easy to communicate with players while being unable to give any update information for “Payday 3”. Although the development team has not said anything, it still We are working hard to promote the update progress and ensure that the update rhythm operates smoothly on track.

“The first major update has been submitted for review, and (the console version) is currently in the testing and certification stage. For the consistency of all platforms, this is the most critical part of the update process.” Starbreeze pointed out that the reasons for the postponement of the update of “Payday 3” are complex and Long story short, in short, the team discovered a “significant bug” in the update pipeline that would wipe out players’ progress if not resolved.

In addition, after listening to players’ opinions, the designers of “Payday 3” are studying how to adjust the game mechanics and try to improve the progress system. Starbreeze also promised to provide more free updates after the stable update, “Stay tuned at the end of the year I saw the free content update for this game before.”

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The number of Steam players of “Payday 3” has continued to drop in the past week, with the peak not even reaching one-tenth of the initial level. Compared with the 30,000 active connections of the previous game “PayDay 2”, this reflects the complaints of the player community about the new game.

It can be seen from the announcement that Starbreeze has not ignored the criticism. “We know it feels bad to continue to hear repeated things (apologies).” The team is working hard to solve the problem, although there is no further explanation of the obstacles encountered in the update process, or a time when the update file is actually online. date, but it will presumably be available on all platforms soon.

Someone asked whether “Payday 3” will follow the previous path and only focus on improving the PC experience. The official denied and said that the console is as important as the PC. “We hope to create a community that can play together on any platform.”

“Payday 3” is available on Xbox Series, PC and PS5.

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