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Phoenix Labs lays off more than 30 developers

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Phoenix Labs lays off more than 30 developers

Phoenix Labs, a game development studio, is the latest company to experience layoffs in the gaming industry. According to Gamesindustry.biz, the studio has gone through its second round of layoffs this year, with a total of 34 employees let go.

The layoffs were confirmed by Phoenix Labs in a statement, expressing that the impact of the employees being laid off “will be missed and live on through everything the studio does.” Despite the layoffs, work on the developer’s games, including DLC for Fae Farm and the Dauntless update, continues.

This news adds to the growing list of game studios that have been affected by layoffs this year, reflecting the ongoing challenges faced by the game development world. It’s a tough time for the industry, and the impact of these layoffs on the affected employees and the company itself is significant. The future of Phoenix Labs and its games remains uncertain following these recent developments.

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