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piqd | AI sexbots are changing emotional dating standards

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A few weeks ago I wrote about the new world of AI pornography and how image synthesis allows (especially male) users to create, with just a few clicks, any pornography imaginable with any woman you find images of on the Internet. But the brave new world of AI porn and its impact on real-life relationships doesn’t end with image generators.

On her blog, Freya India describes how a new flood of sextbots, i.e. chatbots that are primarily trained for sexual content, are increasing the already immense pressure on women who no longer just feel compelled to appear with perfect influencer bodies on Instagram not to have to compete, but now also with avatars that can be edited and adjusted in all their properties by their users and that adapt their synthetic mood completely to that of the human user. There is no such thing as not wanting to.

In my newsletter a few months ago I described a danger of “romantic self-radicalization”, in which users of Love AI apps, which, like all LLMs and like an algorithmic mirror, only reflect their own moods and attitudes, through intensive use of a new form are subjected to radicalized self-love, which in the worst case can result in a self-reinforcing feedback loop of verbal abuse tendencies.

The pressure that women now face from synthetic avatars and their ever-ready submissiveness completes this picture.

For example, Eva AI not only allows you to choose the perfect face and body, but also customize the perfect personality. She offers options such as “attractive, funny, confident,” “shy, modest, considerate,” and “intelligent, strict, rational.” Create a friend free from all judgment! Which allows you to spend time with your mates without any drama! Who laughs at all your jokes! “Control everything the way you want,” promises Eva AI. Design a girl who is “always on your side,” says Replika.

How can we compete with this? Women in relationships are already complaining about partners who are addicted to porn and not satisfied with actual intimacy. Now we face a future where men may become addicted to emotional validation elsewhere in order to get some of that unparalleled devotion. Even worse, what about young boys who grow up with it? Whose first sexual experience is chatting with AI women who never say no, never argue, never have their own thoughts or identity – and then try to date a real woman?

Remarkably – and there are no official statistics on this yet, I believe Andreessen Horowitz’s statement at this point is an AI investor Justine Moore – the vast majority of the actual users of these sex bots are female. A short research of our own confirms this picture: Of the 24 most popular bots on the chatbot platform Janitorai, only 5 are female and the vast majority are “male, dominant”. By the way, this image is completely reversed for the use of porn AI image generators, whose users are predominantly men.

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This seems to me to be a complete failure of marketing for these romance sex bots, which are publicly advertised as AI girlfriends and increase the psychological pressure on real women through their advertising, but are actually mostly used by women as AI boyfriends. The sexist tendency of marketing to advertise everything that has to do with sexuality with scantily clad women adds an emotional dimension to the already effective distortions on the self-image of one’s own body through advertising, influencers and social media.

As all of these technologies continue to improve, the ever-ready sex avatars will also influence our intimate lives, whether we want it or not – and once again the prophecies of the film Blade Runner 2049, whose love AI with the evocative name Joi, are coming true I would like to quote three very appropriate words:

You look lonely.

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