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piqd | Tech utopianism for 2023

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Exactly one year ago, I piqed this optimistic annual forecast by economist and former Bloomberg columnist Noah Smith, in which, premised on a revolution in the energy market triggered by steadily falling solar/wind prices and innovations in the development of cheap electricity storage, painted an almost utopian picture of the coming decade.

Now he has updated his forecast for 2023 with the developments of the past year and comes to the same conclusions: The revolutions in AI development, biotechnology and especially the renewable energy and battery market could change the world in the coming years in a way that the rapid changes of the last 20 “Internet years” seem like a leisurely start.

The combination of cheap energy storage and artificial intelligence alone suggests a future on the horizon in which autonomous robots can take on everyday or specialized tasks and be operated economically, efficiently and sustainably. Non-trivial large-scale projects such as ocean cleanup and global CO2 suckers suddenly seem more feasible.

Smith apparently deliberately omits ethical concerns completely and how politics and society react to the coming technological upheavals from automation (keyword basic income) and cheap energy will be decisive in what form these innovations can be taken up and applied. The old Chinese proverb also applies to 2023: “May you live in interesting times”.

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