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For an enlightened and informed public

Our curators (so-called “piqer”) filter only truly noteworthy content from the internet. This is how we help relevant articles reach a larger audience. And you’ll find a wealth of articles worth reading every day without having to search for them for a long time.


Get to know some of our piqers

Ruprecht Polenz


Margarete Stokowski


Constantine of Notz

Deputy parliamentary group leader Alliance90/The Greens in the Bundestag TO THE PROFILE

Teresa Buecker


Dmitry Kapitelman

Reading, writing, memorizing. Journalism can also be fun. TO THE PROFILE

Antje Schrupp

Political scientist, journalist TO THE PROFILE

Your network

piqd finds the best journalistic content on the internet for you. But the most important voice is yours. That’s why we’d be happy if you shared your finds with us. And because it’s much more fun together, you can invite your friends, exchange recommendations and opinions with us and share them with the community.


“Journalism is well packaged – good selection with an international perspective. Curated pages on my topics give me an overview and provide inspiration.”Sandra, Munich

“piqd manages a unique balancing act: finding high-quality articles on my areas of interest – and yet not getting stuck in my “filter bubble.” Tilman, Berlin

“For me, piqd is more than a newspaper. piqd is a look into society, how current issues affect people differently. I don’t stay in my bubble.”Monika, Stuttgart

Editorial teams of independent media curate the internet and their best articles. Audio productions from all over the world become your personal audio magazine. Our experts explore their specialist areas in webinars, podcasts and literary texts.

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How is the unconditional basic income supposed to work? What does gaming have to do with justice? Our experts answer these and many other questions in what is now an impressive video archive that is constantly expanding.


Conversations about books, reading and writing. The background to the best piqd recommendations as well as exciting topics from business, science and politics. In cooperation with detektor.fm we create the audio program for the curation platform for you.


The first cross-platform, cross-source, self-updating audio magazine. You choose your favorite topics and receive hand-picked audio recommendations of suitable podcast episodes, interviews or radio plays on your smartphone.


Reading comes before writing. On literary radio, successful authors talk about their encounters with literary works of all genres. They celebrate their role models and colleagues and thus reading itself. They criticize and question.


Here you can find all the recommendations from our publisher-independent media partners at a glance. Indie media editorial teams piqen the best content on all topics and their best contributions. For an independent view of world events.


yourbook.shop is a bookstore, community and reader in one, without any advertising or purchased reach. Because books are more than just business. They fulfill an important social function.


Would you like to use piqd even more conveniently on your mobile device? In a brand new, secure iOS app made for reading? From now on you can expect a special reading experience from our cooperation partner Justt. Try it! And download Justt from the App Store.

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torial does pioneering work – for journalists and journalism. By networking experts, torial creates a large pool of knowledge in which users can quickly and easily find exactly the expertise they need.


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