Home Technology PlayStation 5 seems to be able to “crack jailbreak”

PlayStation 5 seems to be able to “crack jailbreak”

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PlayStation 5 seems to be able to “crack jailbreak”

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文章: Jonas Maki – Gamereactor.cn

“Jailbreaking” usually means savvy consumers have found a way behind the user interface of a consumer electronics product, which often paves the way for the use of pirated software, etc. It’s been two years since the PlayStation 5 launched, and now it appears to be jailbroken.

Modder Lance McDonald made the announcement via Twitter. MacDonald previously rose to fame by releasing an exclusive update to Bloodborne that forced the game to run at 60 frames per second, so this is a tech-savvy guy we’re dealing with.

Its impact remains uncertain, and many have been warned that this approach doesn’t always work.

This article and pictures are used with permission from Gamereactor, the original text is published here

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